Amazon Returns Store Mexico

Amazon in Mexico: Returns, Features, and What You Need to Know

The vast global e-commerce giant Amazon is renowned for its impeccable customer service and far-reaching global network. It has become a preferred online marketplace for millions of people worldwide. As Amazon continues to expand its presence globally, Mexico has not remained untouched by its impressive offerings. This article delves into Amazon’s operations in Mexico, focusing on its Amazon Returns Store Mexico policies, services, and general features available to Mexican customers.

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Amazon’s Inception in Mexico

Amazon began its operations south of the border back in 2015, with the launch of an all-new online store exclusively for the Mexican market. Since then, has become a pivotal platform for Mexicans looking for a vast variety of products, from household items to electronics and books.

Understanding the Amazon Mexico Return Policy

One of the critical features of Amazon worldwide is its customer-centric approach, especially when it comes to product returns. In Mexico, the return process mirrors the efficient standards set by the company globally:

  • Time Frame: Customers can typically return most products purchased from Amazon Mexico within 30 days, provided returns are allowed for that specific product.
  • No-Box Returns: Amazon offers a no-box return service at various physical stores and specific partner locations. This service allows customers to return items without the need for a box, tape, or label. While it’s prevalent in the U.S. and other countries, it remains to be seen how this will evolve in the Mexican market.
  • Global Store Returns: For items purchased via the Amazon Global Store, customers should be aware that it can take up to 25 days for a returned item to reach Amazon. Once the item arrives at the fulfillment center, further processing takes place.

Navigating Amazon Mexico’s Features

1. Payment Methods: Apart from traditional online payment methods, Amazon Mexico has introduced unique features catering to local preferences.For instance, customers can select their products on and then complete the transaction in cash at an OXXO store within a 48-hour window.

2. Amazon Prime in Mexico: Just like its U.S. counterpart, Amazon Mexico offers a Prime Program. For a monthly fee of 99 Mexican pesos (roughly US $5.50) or an annual fee of 899 Mexican pesos, users can enjoy benefits such as free shipping, access to Amazon Prime Video, and other exclusive deals.

3. Amazon Warehouse or “Tienda de Remates de Almacén”: This section on Amazon Mexico is where customers can find products that are returned, warehouse-damaged, refurbished, or pre-owned, available at discounted prices.

4. Shipping and Delivery: Amazon México ensures a wealth of reliable shopping options with typically speedy and dependable deliveries. However, shipping time and cost can vary depending on the seller and the product.

5. Local Competitors: While Amazon is a significant player in the Mexican e-commerce scene, it’s essential to note that other platforms like Mercado Libre hold considerable market share and are preferred by many locals.


Cultural Adaptations and Challenges

While Amazon is a globally recognized brand, its operations in different countries require sensitivity to local cultures, preferences, and market dynamics. In Mexico, the challenge lies in adapting to the local shopping behavior, competing with established e-commerce platforms, and ensuring that the brand resonates with the Mexican audience.

Moreover, the Mexican e-commerce landscape has seen steady growth, with more locals turning to online shopping, given the convenience and the array of choices it offers. Amazon’s challenge and opportunity lie in tapping into this growing segment while ensuring that it offers services tailored to local needs.


Amazon’s venture into Mexico signifies its ambition to dominate the global e-commerce market. By offering a combination of its global best practices with local customizations, Amazon Mexico seeks to cater to the unique needs of the Mexican populace. Whether you’re a local looking to shop online or an international customer wanting to send a gift to Mexico, understanding Amazon’s operations in the country can ensure a seamless shopping experience.

F.A.Q. Amazon Returns Store Mexico

Question 1.

Q.: Does Amazon operate in Mexico?

A.: Yes, Amazon has an official presence in Mexico, and their platform can be accessed at They offer a wide range of products and services tailored to the Mexican market.

Question 2.

Q.: How does the return policy work for Amazon Mexico?

A.: Most products purchased from Amazon Mexico can be returned within 30 days, provided they meet the return criteria. However, it’s essential to check the specific return policy for each product. Once a product is returned, it can take up to 25 days for the item to reach Amazon’s fulfillment center. After receiving, the refund or replacement process will commence.

Question 3.

Q.: What are the options for Amazon returns in Mexico without using a box or label?

A.: Amazon offers a free return service without the need for a box, tape, or label. This service is available at various locations, including Amazon physical stores, Whole Foods Markets, Kohl’s, Staples locations, and The UPS Store.

Question 4.

Q.: How do I access the Amazon Warehouse in Mexico?

A.: Amazon Mexico operates a “Tienda de Remates de Almacén” which can be thought of as a warehouse deals store. Here, customers can find discounted products that may have been returned, have damaged packaging, or other minor issues. To access this, you would typically navigate through the Amazon Mexico website.

Question 5.

Q.: Can Amazon customers in Mexico pay for their products in physical stores?

A.: Yes, customers in Mexico have the option to select their products on and then complete the transaction in cash at an OXXO store within a 48-hour term. This provides an additional payment method for those who might not have access to credit or debit cards.

Question 6.

Q.: How much does Amazon Prime Video cost in Mexico?

A.: Amazon Prime Video in Mexico is available for a monthly fee of $99 Mexican pesos (approximately US $5.50) or an annual fee of $899 Mexican pesos (about US $50).

Question 7.

Q.: What are the advantages of using Amazon Mexico?

A.: Amazon Mexico offers a plethora of shopping options, including safe and secure credit transactions, generally speedy and reliable delivery, and a user-friendly platform. Additionally, the introduction of services such as Amazon Prime ensures that customers get added benefits like free shipping and access to Amazon Prime Video.

By understanding these aspects of Amazon’s operations in Mexico, customers can make more informed decisions and fully benefit from the platform’s offerings.