Does Amazon Deliver To Mexico

Yes, It Does And This Is Everything You Need to Know To Deliver From Amazon USA To Mexico Using Amazon in Mexico: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to online shopping, Amazon has reigned supreme in many parts of the world. But what about in the vibrant country of Mexico? How does Amazon fit into the Mexican lifestyle, and how can expats and locals alike benefit from this shopping giant? Let’s dive in.

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Does Amazon Deliver to Mexico? Yes, It Does But There Are Few Details You Need to Know

As the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon has made its mark in virtually every corner of the globe. One frequently asked question, especially by those relocating or spending extended time in Mexico, is: “Does Amazon deliver to Mexico?” The short answer is yes, but as always, the details matter. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about using Amazon in Mexico.

Amazon’s Presence in Mexico

First and foremost, if you’ve been pondering over the question, “Is there Amazon in Mexico?”, the answer is a resounding yes. Amazon has firmly planted its roots in the Mexican market, with a dedicated Amazon Mexico website located at For those with existing Amazon accounts from other countries, such as the US, UK, or Canada, there’s no need to start from scratch. You can use the same login credentials for your Amazon Mexico account.

However, a notable difference lies in the language. Amazon Mexico is predominantly in Spanish, and there isn’t a built-in option to switch the language. But fret not! If you’re accessing the site through Google Chrome, there’s an easy translate feature that makes shopping hassle-free for non-Spanish speakers.

amazon-google-translate Does Amazon Deliver To Mexico

Product Range and Pricing on Amazon Mexico

Upon browsing, you’ll quickly realize that while Amazon Mexico is comprehensive, it doesn’t quite match the vast product range seen in its US or UK counterparts. For instance, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a large variety of food items, especially fresh produce. On the clothing front, options might seem limited. However, for home gadgets and appliances, Amazon Mexico shines. Many users, including expats, have snagged fantastic deals on kitchen gadgets, electronics, and more.

It’s essential to consider the trade-offs. Sometimes, it might be worth paying a bit more for a product from Amazon US than settling for limited options in Mexico. However, over the years, Amazon Mexico has grown exponentially, offering a more extensive range and better services.

Shipping and Delivery Insights

Shipping costs can be a primary concern for many. If you’re eyeing cost savings, ensure your purchases come from within Mexico. By setting your default shipping address to your Mexican residence, you can get accurate information regarding the shipping costs. And here’s some good news – many products come with free delivery, especially within major cities like Mexico City. Some items even have free shipping like this age eraser!

However, delivery reliability can vary based on your location. Urban centers like Mexico City, Guadalajara, Cabo San Lucas, and Cancun offer relatively prompt and trustworthy delivery services. In contrast, if you’re residing in a rural area or a remote town, anticipate potential delays or challenges.

Tackling Payment Queries

A common query revolves around payment methods. Can foreign cards be used on Amazon Mexico? Yes, they can. Your saved card details from other Amazon accounts are seamlessly integrated into your Amazon Mexico account. This integration means you can view product prices in your home currency, allowing for straightforward price comparisons and budgeting.

Venturing Beyond the Borders: Amazon US

While Amazon Mexico has its charms, sometimes, you might find yourself eyeing the broader range available on Amazon US. The good news? Amazon US does ship to Mexico, although it often comes with import fees. However, these fees are generally included in the product’s price, ensuring no unexpected customs complications.

For those subscribed to Amazon Prime US, leveraging its benefits while in Mexico might seem challenging. Prime shipping doesn’t extend to international deliveries, and the streaming services have geographical restrictions. However, with certain tools and VPN services, some users have managed to bypass these limitations, though Amazon often detects and restricts such activities.

The Amazon Prime Experience in Mexico

If you’re keen on tapping into Amazon Prime’s advantages while in Mexico, you’re in luck. Amazon Prime Mexico offers a plethora of benefits, from free shipping to exclusive offers and a rich range of movies and series on Prime Video. All these perks come at an affordable monthly fee of 99 Pesos, roughly equivalent to $5 USD. Sign up for Amazon Mexico Prime Here

Beyond Amazon: Exploring Other Online Retailers

While Amazon holds a dominant position, Mexico offers a vibrant online shopping ecosystem. From electronics on Coppel to diverse offerings on Mercado Libre, there’s no shortage of platforms catering to various needs.

Amazon’s Presence in Mexico

Amazon isn’t just an American giant; it’s a global powerhouse. In 2015, Amazon extended its services to Mexico by launching This platform offers a broad selection of products specifically tailored to the Mexican market, ranging from electronics, home goods, clothing, and more.

If you reside in Mexico and are looking to shop on Amazon, should be your starting point. The products listed there are already situated within Mexico, which means faster delivery times and clear pricing in pesos.

Ordering from Amazon US

For those accustomed to shopping on the American Amazon site (, transitioning to the Mexican version might feel limiting, given the vast range of products available on the US site. The good news is that Amazon US does ship to Mexico for a majority of its products.

However, a key point to remember is that when ordering from Amazon US to Mexico, there’s a likelihood of being charged an import fee. This fee covers the cost of bringing a product from the US into Mexico, accounting for taxes and duties.

It is important to note that when placing an order from Amazon US to Mexico, there is a possibility of incurring an additional import fee. This fee is imposed to cover the expenses associated with transporting a product from the United States to Mexico, including taxes and duties.

Package Forwarders

If a specific product from Amazon US doesn’t directly ship to Mexico, don’t fret. Many Mexicans and expats use package forwarding services. Websites like mention that using a package forwarder allows customers in Mexico to receive most Amazon US items. These services provide a US address where your product is first delivered and then forwarded to your Mexican address. Read our reviews on package forwarders here.

Delivery Times and Locations

Amazon has made considerable strides in its Mexican delivery infrastructure. In major cities, it’s common to have expedited delivery options. Amazon Mexico is also expanding its reach, aiming to provide reliable delivery services to more remote areas. For Amazon Prime members in cities like Cancun, Mexico City, Monterrey, Tijuana, there are perks like free next-day delivery on eligible items.

Import Fees and Charges

As mentioned earlier, ordering from outside of Mexico often results in additional import fees. These fees can vary based on the product type, value, and specific international shipping options chosen. However, Amazon offers a feature called the AmazonGlobal Program, which calculates and collects the import fees upfront at checkout. This way, there are no surprises or additional charges upon delivery.

Special Considerations

If you’re planning to order high-value items, electronics, or specialty goods, it’s beneficial to do a bit of research first:

  • Check if the product is available on It might be easier and quicker to get it from the local site.
  • Look into the product’s warranty. Some warranties might not apply internationally.
  • Be prepared for potential shipping delays, especially during peak seasons or due to customs processing.


Yes, Amazon does deliver to Mexico, both through its dedicated Mexican platform and from its US site. While there are some intricacies to consider regarding import fees and delivery times, the process is relatively straightforward. Whether you’re settling down in Mexico or just passing through, the convenience of Amazon’s vast product range remains within reach. As with any international purchase, it’s essential to do your homework, be patient, and enjoy the global shopping experience Amazon provides.

F.A.Q. Does Amazon Deliver To Mexico

Question 1. Does Amazon deliver to Mexico?

A.: Yes, Amazon offers delivery to Mexico. Both Amazon US products and Amazon Mexico site products are available for customers in Mexico. Depending on the specific item, there may be import charges if ordering from outside of Mexico.

Question 2. Can you use the same Amazon US account to order in Mexico?

A.: While Amazon US and Amazon Mexico operate as separate entities, users can order from both platforms. It’s advisable to check both sites to determine product availability and the potential for delivery fees or import charges.

Question 3. Are there additional charges for ordering products from Amazon US to be delivered in Mexico?

A.: Yes, when ordering products from Amazon US to be delivered in Mexico, there may be import fees involved. The exact cost can vary based on the item and its value.

Question4. Is Amazon Prime available in Mexico, and does it offer the same benefits as in the US?

A.: Amazon Prime is indeed available in Mexico. In some cities, such as Cancun, Amazon Prime members can even benefit from free next-day delivery on eligible items. However, the range of products and services may differ from what is available in the US.

Question 5. How does Amazon handle shipping and deliveries in Mexico?

A.: Amazon has made significant strides in ensuring efficient deliveries across Mexico. In major cities, expedited delivery is often available, making it easier and faster for customers to receive their orders. Furthermore, Amazon cooperates with local delivery services and has also made partnerships with certain local stores for package drop-offs.

Does Amazon deliver to Mexico City?

A.: Yes, Amazon offers delivery to Mexico City. Both Amazon US products and Amazon Mexico site products are available for customers in Mexico. Depending on the specific item, there may be import charges if ordering from outside of Mexico.

Does Amazon deliver to Cancun?

A.: Yes, Amazon offers delivery to Cancun. Both Amazon US products and Amazon Mexico site products are available for customers in Mexico. Depending on the specific item, there may be import charges if ordering from outside of Mexico.

Does Amazon deliver to Monterrey?

A.: Yes, Amazon offers delivery to Monterrey. Both Amazon US products and Amazon Mexico site products are available for customers in Mexico. Depending on the specific item, there may be import charges if ordering from outside of Mexico.

How To Write Your Mexican Address

When writing your Mexican address in English, it is important to follow a specific format. Start with the recipient’s name, followed by the street name and number. Next, include the neighborhood or colonia, followed by the postal code and city. Finally, include the state name in capital letters. For example, the address should look like this:
John Smith,
123 Main Street,
Colonia Centro,
12345 Mexico City,
It is important to use the correct abbreviations and capitalization to ensure that your address is properly understood and delivered.

Is Amazon Mexico delivery reliable?

Amazon Mexico delivery is generally reliable. The company has a strong logistics network in place and works with reputable courier services to ensure that packages are delivered on time and in good condition. However, as with any delivery service, there may be occasional delays or issues that are beyond Amazon’s control.
It is always a good idea to track your package and contact customer service if you have any concerns or questions about your delivery. Overall, Amazon Mexico has a good track record for reliable and efficient delivery.

Will Amazon Mexico accept a USA credit card?

Yes, Amazon Mexico does accept USA credit cards. Customers can easily use their USA credit cards to make purchases on the Amazon Mexico website. This allows customers from the United States to shop for products available in Mexico and have them shipped to their desired location. Amazon Mexico provides a convenient and seamless shopping experience for customers with USA credit cards.

It’s important for customers to always check the specific shipping details and costs when ordering, as these can vary based on the seller, the product, and the destination within Mexico.