Does Amazon Ship To Mexico

Exploring Does Amazon Ship to Mexico: Your Ultimate Guide

In today’s interconnected world, e-commerce giants like Amazon have made it possible for consumers to access a vast array of products from the comfort of their homes. But what if you’re in Mexico? Does Amazon ship to Mexico, the global e-commerce titan, deliver its offerings to this vibrant and diverse country? The short answer is yes, and in this comprehensive guide, we will delve into all the details you need to know about Amazon’s shipping to Mexico.

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Amazon’s Reach: Does It Deliver to Mexico?

Yes, Amazon does deliver to Mexico from the United States. Many Amazon US products are available for shipping to Mexico. So, if you’re a resident in Mexico, an expat, or even just a vacationer, you can easily shop from the primary site. Being a key platform of the American-based giant, shopping on unlocks access to a vast array of products often at highly competitive prices.

Navigating Amazon’s Mexican Presence

Amazon also has a dedicated site for Mexico, Amazon Mexico ( This local platform caters specifically to the Mexican market, offering a selection of products tailored to local preferences. When shopping on Amazon Mexico, keep an eye out for products that have an “Importación” (Import) flag on the product listing. These items are available for international shipping, making them accessible to customers in Mexico.

Speed and Reliability

Now that you know Amazon ships to Mexico, you might be wondering about the logistics. How long does it take for your orders to arrive, and what about reliability? Amazon’s global shipping is designed to deliver your orders to Mexico in a timely manner. However, delivery times can vary depending on the specific product, its origin, and destination within Mexico. To get a more accurate estimate, check the estimated delivery date provided during the checkout process.

It’s important to note that non-delivery concerns often arise due to address errors or duplicate addresses. Therefore, ensure that you provide accurate and unique delivery information to avoid any hiccups in the shipping process.

Amazon Prime in Mexico

Amazon Prime is a highly sought-after subscription service that has gained immense popularity due to its numerous benefits, most notably its provision of free and expedited shipping for eligible items. By subscribing to Amazon Prime through, customers can enjoy the privilege of free shipping on their orders. However, there is a slight limitation to this perk as it is exclusively available within the United States.

Nevertheless, if you find yourself in Mexico and wish to take advantage of Amazon Prime’s free shipping, there is a clever workaround. You can utilize the services of a package forwarding company such as Planet Express. This ingenious solution allows you to have your order shipped to the forwarding service’s address in the US, and they will subsequently forward it to your desired location in Mexico, all without incurring any additional shipping charges.

This innovative approach not only enables customers in Mexico to benefit from Amazon Prime’s free shipping, but it also opens up a world of possibilities for international shoppers who desire access to the vast array of products available on With the assistance of package forwarding services, individuals can now enjoy the convenience and affordability of Amazon Prime, regardless of their geographical location.

In conclusion, while Amazon Prime’s free shipping is initially limited to the United States, individuals residing in Mexico can still take advantage of this service by utilizing package forwarding companies like Planet Express. This creative solution allows customers to enjoy the perks of Amazon Prime and have their orders conveniently delivered to their doorstep in Mexico, all without incurring any additional shipping costs.

Shopping from Amazon USA

If you prefer shopping on Amazon USA and want to explore the extensive range of products available there, you have two primary options:

  1. Amazon US Site: Visit the Amazon US website, and search for products that explicitly indicate they can be shipped to Mexico.
  2. Package Forwarding Services: Alternatively, you can utilize a Mexican forwarding service that provides you with a US address for Amazon purchases. They will forward your order to Mexico, ensuring you have access to a wide range of products.

Additional Considerations

does amazon ship to mexico

When shopping internationally, it’s essential to be aware of customs rules and regulations. Depending on the type and value of the item you’re purchasing, there may be import duties or taxes imposed by Mexican customs authorities. These costs should be factored into your budget when making international purchases.

Exploring Amazon Mexico

Amazon Mexico, the local platform, is the Mexican division of, Inc., the world’s largest online retailer. It was initially launched in 2015 as an e-book platform but has since expanded its offerings to become a comprehensive online marketplace. Today, Amazon Mexico provides a wide selection of products, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of the Mexican market.

One of the key categories on Amazon Mexico is books, offering a vast collection of titles in various genres, including both local and international authors. Customers can easily browse through the extensive catalog and choose from a range of formats, such as physical books, e-books, and audiobooks.

In addition to books, Amazon Mexico has diversified its product range to include electronics, meeting the growing demand for the latest gadgets and technological advancements. From smartphones and laptops to smart home devices and gaming consoles, customers can find a wide array of electronic products from renowned brands.

Home goods are another popular category on Amazon Mexico, offering a diverse selection of products to enhance and beautify living spaces. From furniture and decor items to kitchen appliances and home improvement tools, customers can find everything they need to create a comfortable and stylish home environment.

Furthermore, Amazon Mexico caters to the fashion-conscious population by offering a wide range of clothing options for men, women, and children. From trendy apparel and accessories to footwear and sportswear, customers can explore a variety of styles and brands to suit their personal preferences.

Beauty products are also a significant part of Amazon Mexico’s offerings, providing customers with access to a wide range of cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and personal care products. From popular international brands to local favorites, customers can find an extensive selection of beauty products to meet their individual needs.

Overall, Amazon Mexico has established itself as a one-stop destination for Mexican consumers, offering a diverse range of products across various categories. With its user-friendly interface, reliable delivery services, and competitive pricing, Amazon Mexico continues to revolutionize the way people shop in Mexico, providing convenience and accessibility to millions of customers across the country.

Finding the Best Deals

To maximize your savings on Amazon, it’s essential to be a savvy shopper. By staying vigilant and taking advantage of the various promotions, discounts, and special offers that Amazon regularly offers, you can ensure that you’re getting the best deals possible.

One effective strategy is to keep a close eye on the “Today’s Deals” section on Amazon’s website. This section features limited-time offers, lightning deals, and discounts on a wide range of products. By checking this section regularly, you can snag incredible deals on items you’ve been eyeing.

Another way to stay informed about the latest deals is by signing up for Amazon’s newsletter. By subscribing, you’ll receive regular updates on upcoming sales, exclusive discounts, and new product launches. This ensures that you’re always in the loop and never miss out on any exciting opportunities to save.

Additionally, following Amazon’s social media accounts can be highly beneficial. Amazon often posts time-sensitive deals and offers on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. By following these accounts, you’ll be among the first to know about any new promotions, allowing you to act quickly and secure the best deals before they’re gone.

Furthermore, consider utilizing price tracking tools and browser extensions that can help you compare prices and track price fluctuations on Amazon. These tools can provide valuable insights into whether a product’s price is currently at its lowest point or if it’s likely to drop further in the future. Armed with this information, you can make informed purchasing decisions and save even more money.

In conclusion, being a savvy shopper on Amazon involves staying informed about the latest promotions, discounts, and special offers. By regularly checking the “Today’s Deals” section, subscribing to Amazon’s newsletter, following their social media accounts, and utilizing price tracking tools, you can ensure that you’re always getting the best deals and maximizing your savings.

Using a Mexican Package Forwarder

Using a Mexican package forwarder can be a convenient and cost-effective way to shop online and receive packages from Mexican retailers. A package forwarder is a service that provides you with a local address in Mexico, which you can use as your shipping address when making purchases. Once the package arrives at the forwarder’s warehouse, they will consolidate and ship it to your international address.

One of the main advantages of using a Mexican package forwarder is access to a wider range of products and brands that may not be available in your country. Mexico has a vibrant retail market with a variety of unique and high-quality products, including clothing, accessories, home goods, and artisanal crafts. By using a package forwarder, you can easily browse and purchase these items online, even if the retailer doesn’t offer international shipping.

Another benefit of using a Mexican package forwarder is the potential for cost savings. Many Mexican retailers offer competitive prices, especially when compared to international brands. By taking advantage of these lower prices and combining multiple purchases into one shipment, you can potentially save on shipping fees and overall costs.

Using a package forwarder also provides a secure and reliable way to receive your packages. Forwarders typically offer services such as package tracking, insurance, and secure storage facilities. This ensures that your packages are handled with care and delivered to your doorstep in a timely manner.

However, it’s important to consider a few factors before choosing a Mexican package forwarder. Firstly, research and compare different forwarders to find one that offers competitive rates, reliable service, and positive customer reviews. Additionally, be aware of any potential customs duties or taxes that may apply when importing goods into your country. It’s also important to check the forwarder’s policies regarding prohibited or restricted items to avoid any issues with shipping.

In conclusion, using a Mexican package forwarder can be a convenient and cost-effective way to access a wider range of products and brands, save on shipping costs, and receive packages securely. By doing your research and choosing a reputable forwarder, you can enjoy the benefits of shopping from Mexican retailers and have your purchases delivered right to your doorstep.

Best Mexican Parcel Forwarding Service

When it comes to finding the best Mexican parcel forwarding service, there are several factors to consider. From reliability and affordability to customer service and package tracking, it’s important to choose a service that meets all your needs.

One of the top contenders for the best Mexican parcel forwarding service is MexiBox. With a strong reputation for reliability and efficiency, MexiBox offers a seamless experience for customers looking to ship packages from Mexico to anywhere in the world. Their user-friendly website allows you to easily create an account, manage your shipments, and track your packages in real-time.

Another notable option is Shipito Mexico. With a wide range of shipping options and competitive rates, Shipito Mexico is a popular choice among customers. They offer consolidation services, allowing you to save on shipping costs by combining multiple packages into one shipment. Additionally, their customer service team is known for their responsiveness and helpfulness, ensuring a smooth shipping experience.

For those looking for a more budget-friendly option, MexiPost is worth considering. While their shipping times may be slightly longer compared to other services, MexiPost offers affordable rates and reliable delivery. They have a strong network of distribution centers throughout Mexico, ensuring that your packages are handled with care and delivered on time.

Lastly, Estafeta is a well-established Mexican parcel forwarding service that has been serving customers for decades. With a wide range of shipping options, including express delivery and international shipping, Estafeta is a reliable choice for both individuals and businesses. They also offer additional services such as package consolidation and insurance, providing peace of mind for customers.

Ultimately, the best Mexican parcel forwarding service will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize speed, affordability, or customer service, there is a service out there that can cater to your requirements. By considering factors such as reliability, affordability, and package tracking, you can make an informed decision and choose the best service for your shipping needs.


In conclusion, Amazon indeed ships to Mexico, offering Mexican consumers access to a world of products from both the US and Amazon Mexico. With a bit of planning and awareness of customs regulations, you can enjoy the convenience of shopping on Amazon, whether you’re in Mexico for a short visit or residing in this beautiful country. Happy shopping!

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Does Amazon Ship to Mexico FAQ

Question 1. Does Amazon deliver to Mexico from the United States?

A.: Yes, Amazon does deliver to Mexico from the United States. Many Amazon US products are available for shipping to Mexico.

Question 2. How can I shop Amazon US products if I’m in Mexico?

A.: If you want to shop Amazon US products while in Mexico, you have two options:

  1. Use the Amazon US site and search for products that explicitly indicate they can be shipped to Mexico.
  2. Utilize the Amazon Mexico site and look for products that have an “Importación” (Import) flag on the product listing.

Question 3. Is there a specific Amazon site for Mexico?

A.: Yes, Amazon has a dedicated platform for Mexico, known as Amazon Mexico ( This local site caters to the Mexican market and offers products tailored to local preferences.

Question 4. Can I use Mexican forwarding services to get Amazon purchases delivered to Mexico?

A.: Yes, you can use Mexican forwarding services that provide you with a US address for Amazon purchases. These services will forward your order to Mexico, ensuring you have access to a wide range of products.

Question 5. How reliable is Amazon shipping to Mexico?

A.: Amazon’s shipping to Mexico is generally reliable. However, non-delivery concerns can arise if you enter your address incorrectly or use a duplicate address. Ensure you provide accurate and unique delivery information to avoid any issues in the shipping process.

Question 6. Does Amazon Prime offer free shipping to Mexico?

A.: Amazon Prime offers free shipping, but only within the USA. If your order doesn’t ship to Mexico, you can have it forwarded to your address in Mexico using services like Planet Express.

Question 7. What are the estimated delivery times for Amazon orders to Mexico?

A.: Delivery times for Amazon orders to Mexico can vary depending on the specific product, its origin, and destination within Mexico. To get an accurate estimate, check the estimated delivery date provided during the checkout process.

Question 8. Are there any customs rules I need to be aware of when ordering from Amazon to Mexico?

A.: Yes, when shopping internationally, be aware of customs rules and regulations. Depending on the type and value of the item you’re purchasing, there may be import duties or taxes imposed by Mexican customs authorities.

Question 9. How can I find the best deals on Amazon while in Mexico?

A.: To find the best deals on Amazon while in Mexico, watch out for promotions, discounts, and special offers. Consider signing up for Amazon’s newsletter or following their social media accounts to stay updated on the latest deals.

Question 10. What is Amazon Mexico, and when was it launched?

A.: Amazon Mexico is the Mexican division of, Inc., the world’s largest online retailer. It was launched in 2015, originally as an e-book platform, but now offers a wide selection of products, including books, electronics, home goods, clothes, beauty products, and more, all tailored to the Mexican market.

In conclusion, Amazon provides a range of options for customers in Mexico to access products from both the US and Amazon Mexico. By understanding the shipping process