What Does Mexico Import From The USA

What Does Mexico Import From The USA?

US goods imports from Mexico rose by 4.0% in 2019 to $13.7 billion. U.S. imports from Mexico are up 797% from 1993 (pre-NAFTA). U.S. imports from Mexico account for 14.3% of overall U.S. imports in 2019.

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The top import categories in 2019 were vehicles $101 billion, machinery $66 billion, optical & medical equipment $16 billion, and mineral fuels $13 billion.

Total agricultural products from Mexico that the US imported in 2019 were valued at $28 billion. Fresh fruit and vegetables $13.2 billion. Alcoholic beverages $4 billion. Snack food $2.3 billion and processed agricultural products $1.8 billion

The US's imports from Mexico were valued at almost $29.8 billion in 2019. This amount was up 6.8% from 2018, and it was up 90.6% from 2009. Leading imports for services were in transport, travel and other technical services.

Being able to export to Mexico is a great way to boost your business.

Before you decide to enter the market, make sure that you thoroughly research the country. Doing so will help you avoid investing in products that will never be popular in Mexico.

What Does Mexico Import from the US?

Before you decide to expand your business to Mexico, it’s important to know the country's import requirements.


Aside from electrical machinery, Mexico also has a huge market for non-electrical machinery.


Despite its import requirements, Mexico is a major player in the US' economic exchange with the country. In 2016, it imported over $31 billion worth of US services.

Vehicles and Automotive parts

The Mexican economy is also heavily dependent on the import of American car parts. In 2016, these imports amounted to about $21 billion.


Due to the country's growing fuel demand, which amounts to about $20 billion a year, many companies are looking to expand into this industry.


Aside from cars, the US is also a major exporter of agricultural products to Mexico, such as beef, pork, and dairy products.

Plastic Materials

In terms of plastic products, Mexico is a huge customer of the US. In 2016, it imported about $16 billion worth of plastic materials from the US.

Despite the fact that chemicals are a relatively broad category, they are still very important to the US when it comes to exporting to Mexico.

Medical Equipment

The healthcare industry is another sector that sees a huge amount of trade between the US and Mexico.


In addition to textiles, Mexico also imports pre-made clothing and raw materials from the US.

Despite its numerous industries, Mexico still has its own trade regulations. Doing business in Mexico requires proper planning and execution.
Mexico is one of the United States' most important trade partners. In fact, Mexico is the United States' second-largest export market and third-largest supplier of imports. Each year, Mexico imports billions of dollars worth of goods from the United States. Let's take a closer look at what Mexico imports from the United States!

When you think about what Mexico imports from the United States, it's easy to focus on one product: cars. After all, the United States is by far the world's largest manufacturer of automobiles and car parts. The automotive industry was worth $157 billion in 2019 alone! However, there are many other products that Mexico imports from the USA as well. Here are just a few examples:

- Medical equipment (such as pacemakers or artificial joints)
- Natural gas and petroleum products like gasoline
- Machinery used for food processing/agricultural production like tractors or seed planters
- Chemicals used to manufacture plastics and paints...

The United States is Mexico's leading trade partner, and the United States imports more from Mexico than any other country. According to figures from the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2017 about $314 billion worth of goods came into this country from our neighbors to the south – making up nearly 15% of all U.S. imports that year!

Mexico imports a lot of car parts and chemicals from the United States. They also import a lot of medical supplies and equipment. This is all thanks to NAFTA, which has made it easier for companies in both countries to trade goods and services. Mexico is a big customer for American businesses, and the United States is a big customer for Mexican businesses. This mutual dependence has helped to strengthen the relationship between our two countries. Thanks, NAFTA!

Mexicans like their cars fast and furious—and they need car parts to keep them running! The United States is one of the biggest suppliers of car parts to Mexico, thanks to NAFTA.

NAFTA has also made it easier for companies in the United States to trade chemicals with Mexico. This has led to a lot of growth in the chemical industry in Mexico, and it’s now one of our top exports to them.

The relationship between our two countries is also strong in the medical field. Mexico is a big importer of American medical supplies and equipment, thanks to NAFTA. This helps both countries by strengthening ties between us and providing jobs for Americans. Thanks, NAFTA!

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Mexico Imports from the US: The Top 10 Goods

Mexico is one of the United States' top trade partners. In fact, in 2019, Mexico was the second-largest export market for U.S. goods. So what does Mexico import from the United States? Let's take a look at the top 10 goods!

In 2019, the United States exported $226.0 billion worth of goods to Mexico. The top export categories were:

-Machinery ($41.0 billion)
-Vehicles ($34.0 billion)
-Mineral fuels ($27.0 billion)
-Electrical machinery, equipment, and parts ($22.0 billion)
-Optical and medical instruments ($12.0 billion)
-Gems and precious metals ($11.0 billion)
-Cereals ($11.0 billion)
-Organic chemicals ($11.0 billon)
Plastics($11.0 billon)

As you can see, the United States exports a variety of goods to Mexico. Machinery, vehicles, and mineral fuels make up the bulk of these exports.

Mexico's economy is heavily reliant on trade with the United States. In fact, the US is Mexico's top trade partner, accounting for over 80% of Mexican exports and nearly half of Mexican imports.

The top 10 goods that Mexico imports from the US are:
- Vehicles
- Machinery
- Electrical equipment
- Mineral fuels
- Plastics
- Aircraft
- Medical instruments
- Iron and steel
- Optical instruments
- Beer

Vehicles are by far the most popular goods that Mexico imports from the US, accounting for nearly 20% of all Mexican imports from the US. Machinery, electrical equipment, and mineral fuels round out the top four, each accounting for between 12-15% of Mexican imports from the US. Plastics, aircraft, medical instruments, iron and steel, optical instruments, and beer complete the list of top ten imported goods from the US to Mexico.

While Mexico's economy is heavily reliant on trade with the United States, it is important to note that this trade is not one-sided. In fact, the United States is also a major beneficiary of trade with Mexico. The two countries have been working together to strengthen their economic ties for years, and this partnership has been a key driver of economic growth in both countries.

Looking ahead, the US-Mexico partnership is poised to continue growing stronger. The US President has made it clear that it plans to strengthen ties with Mexico, and Mexican leaders have indicated their willingness to work together with the United States. This cooperation will be critical in promoting economic growth and creating jobs in both countries.

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