Mexico Kitesurfing

10 Best Kitesurfing &Windsurfing Spots in 2024

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing in La Ventana, Baja – Experience Paradise at Ventana Windsports Resort Hotel

When you think of Mexico, pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant nightlife may come to mind. However, Mexico is not only a paradise for beach bums and party enthusiasts; it’s also a haven for surfers, windsurfers, and Mexico kitesurfing enthusiasts. With its warm waters and consistent winds, Mexico offers an ideal setting for water sports, making it one of the top destinations for surfers and thrill-seekers alike. In this article, we’ll explore the 10 best spots for , windsurfing, and kitesurfing in Mexico in 2024.

1. Kite’s Cool – Cancun´s Best Kitesurf & Wingfoil School

Location: Cancun Hotel Zone

If you’re new to surfing and looking for a friendly and welcoming place to catch your first wave, Kite’s Cool – Cancun´s Best Kitesurf & Wingfoil School is an excellent choice. The instructors here are known for their patience and expertise, making it an ideal spot for beginners. The easy waves and warm waters of Cancun provide a perfect environment to learn and improve your surfing skills. After your foil session, don’t forget to enjoy their delicious smoothies and vegan tacos.

2. Kitesurf Mexico

Location: Isla Blanca, Cancun

For those seeking the thrill of kitesurfing, Kitesurf Mexico on Isla Blanca is a top choice. This school offers an amazing experience for both beginners and advanced kiteboarders. The shallow, turquoise waters of Isla Blanca provide an ideal learning environment, and the experienced instructors ensure a safe and enjoyable adventure. Whether you’re new to kitesurfing or looking to improve your skills, Kitesurf Mexico has got you covered.

Review: “So…this is actually my 3rd visit to Pippo and Sara at Kitesurf Mexico since oct 2022. Being a cave diver I spend lots of time in Tulum not so far from here so a road trip to El Cuyo resulted in a wish to try kite surfing! This time I was not only training with Kitesurf Mexico but also chosen to stay in one of the 2 studios at the school. The accommodation is great with all that you need. Its quiet, private and the pristine, sargasso and people-free beach is just across the road.” – By Paul Stellmach

3. ScubaCaribe

Location: Cancun Hotel Zone

While ScubaCaribe is primarily known for scuba diving and snorkeling, it also offers opportunities for windsurfing and surfing. If you’re interested in combining multiple water sports activities in one trip, this is the place to be. They provide excellent equipment and instructors to help you make the most of your water adventure.

Review: “We had such a great time with Scuba Caribe!! Jesús helped us book a private boat from the Riu Palace Las Americas for…” – By JenR692

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4. Jetsurf Mexico

Location: Cancun Hotel Zone

Jetsurfing is a unique and thrilling water sport, and Jetsurf Mexico offers you the opportunity to try it in the stunning waters of Cancun. With their state-of-the-art boards and experienced instructors, you can enjoy the adrenaline rush of riding the waves with a motorized surfboard. It’s an unforgettable experience for adventure seekers.

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5. Ikarus Kiteboard Mexico

Location: Isla Blanca, Cancun

Ikarus Kiteboard Mexico is another fantastic option for kiteboarding enthusiasts. The school is situated in the mesmerizing Isla Blanca, providing picturesque views while you ride the wind and waves. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kiteboarder, the instructors here will ensure you have a great time while keeping safety a top priority.

Review: “… patient, while my more experienced fiancé just enjoyed this insanely beautiful kite spot without taking any lessons.” – By eleanorhW2512XK

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6. Wake Boat Party Cancun

Location: Cancun Lagoon

Wake Boat Party Cancun offers a unique way to experience water sports and adventure in Cancun. They specialize in wake surfing, providing you with the opportunity to ride the wake behind a boat. It’s a thrilling activity suitable for all skill levels, and the team at Wake Boat Party Cancun ensures you have an unforgettable experience.

Review: “Thank so much to Cameron and his team to make this experience the best I had in Cancun!” – By CROS-Michael

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7. Airlift Kiteboarding Cancun Mexico

Location: Cancun Hotel Zone

If you’re looking for personalized kiteboarding instruction, Airlift Kiteboarding Cancun Mexico is the place to be. Danny, the instructor, is known for his practical approach and extensive knowledge of the sport. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to hone your skills, you’ll receive expert guidance here.

Review: “Danny is an amazing teacher, he is practical with approach and extremely knowledgeable on how to make the student understand and be confident in what they are doing.” – By jeanguyv2022

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8. Highlife Mexico

Location: Cancun Hotel Zone

Highlife Mexico offers a unique blend of scuba diving and paddleboarding experiences. If you’re an intermediate paddler or a paddle junkie, this school highly recommends booking a private tour. They provide a tailored experience to suit your skill level, ensuring you have an adventure of a lifetime.

Review: “If you are a paddle junkie like me or just more than an intermediate paddler – I highly recommend booking a private t…” – By H6915HZtanyap

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9. Ventaigua Kitesurf & Wingfoil School Cancun. Foil, Paddle and more

Location: Cancun Hotel Zone

Ventaigua Kitesurf & Wingfoil School Cancun. Foil, Paddle and more is an excellent choice. Will, an incredible instructor, makes learning to surf a fun and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, or as a family, you’ll find the atmosphere here welcoming and the waves inviting.

Review: “We loved surfing here, and Will was an incredible instructor.” – By clegg

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10. Wind and Wave

Location: Cancun

Wind and Wave primarily offers cultural and multi-day tours, They also provides a range of water-based activities. From paddle boarding to snorkeling, you can explore the aquatic side of Cancun with a trusted and experienced guide.

Review: “From arrival to departure, Wind was by our side and made our vacation stress-free and a great experience.” – By brand

These are the top 10 spots for surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing in Cancun in 2023. Whether you’re a novice looking to catch your first wave or an experienced water sports enthusiast seeking thrills, Cancun has something to offer for everyone. With its stunning beaches and warm waters, it’s no wonder Cancun is a haven for surfers and water sports lovers from around the world. So, pack your gear, book your lessons, and get ready to ride the waves in this tropical paradise!

Warm waters, consistent winds, and thrilling waves – La Ventana, Baja California, is a windsurfing haven that beckons adventure seekers.

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable windsurfing journey? Look no further than La Ventana, Baja, and the Ventana Windsports Resort Hotel. From mid-October to April/May, this coastal gem offers ideal conditions for a windsurfing vacation you’ll cherish forever. Let’s dive into the details of what makes this destination an ultimate paradise for windsurfing enthusiasts.

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The Perfect Setting For Mexico Kitesurfing

La Ventana: The name itself conjures up images of endless horizons and gentle sea breezes. This charming coastal town is situated along the southeastern coast of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. Known for its stunning landscapes, warm waters, and consistent winds, it’s a kite surfer’s dream come true.

The magic of La Ventana lies in its unique geography. The north wind here is remarkably reliable, thanks to the Venturi effect created by Cerralvo Island. Combine that with the thermal suction from the rising hot air of the desert peninsula, and you have a recipe for kite surfing perfection.

Wind and Waves

The winds in La Ventana typically kick in late morning, starting gently and steadily building up to 15-25 mph in the afternoon. This consistency allows for several hours of exhilarating kite surfing every day. Mornings and evenings tend to be calm, providing ample opportunities for other activities or simply unwinding on the pristine beaches.

For those who crave an extra adrenaline rush, keep an eye out for the epic days of the big Nortes. These high-wind days are sprinkled throughout the season, delivering fantastic high-wind sailing and impressive swells for the more daring kitesurfers.

girl mexico kitesurfing

Gear Up

If you’re planning your kitesurfing adventure during December, January, or February, consider packing a full wetsuit with short sleeves (3mm/2mm), especially if you’re susceptible to the cold. During the early and late seasons, a shorty or spring suit should suffice. Don’t forget to bring along gloves, booties, and a helmet if you prefer added protection while sailing or kiting.

Ventana Windsports has you covered when it comes to equipment rentals. Sail sizes range from 3.2 to 7.5, and they even offer Windfoil boards and sails for those lighter wind days. Wetsuits and harnesses are available for rent, and all equipment is meticulously rigged and ready at their beachside bodega.

One of the highlights of this kite surfing haven is the resort’s prime location. Situated along a long, sandy launch area with negligible shore break, it offers a wide, sweeping beach downwind. In case you find yourself in need of assistance, there’s an ATV rescue service to ensure your safety. While hotel guests enjoy priority access to rental gear, there’s plenty available for walk-ins as well.

Lessons for All Levels

Kite surfing is a sport that demands a unique blend of strength, balance, and finesse. Learning it on your own can be a long and frustrating journey, often leading to the reinforcement of bad habits. That’s where qualified instruction comes in, and Ventana Windsports has you covered with an onsite instructor available for all skill levels.

Professional instruction can significantly expedite your learning curve and help you avoid common pitfalls. Whether you’re a beginner looking to grasp the basics or an experienced windsurfer seeking to refine your skills, these lessons can be the best investment you make for improving your sailing ability.


Gear Up and Get on the Water

At Ventana Windsports, you can get out on the water faster with their experienced instructors and top-notch gear. Wireless radio headsets keep you in constant contact with your instructor, ensuring a seamless learning experience. ATV and jet ski support are also available for added safety.

Kite Instruction: Personalized training based on your skill level and experience is available, with options for land and water lessons. Prices start at $200 for a 2-hour lesson.

Wing Foil Instruction: Dive into the exciting world of wing foiling with a comprehensive 6-hour package that covers all aspects of this thrilling sport. Prices start at $625 for three 2-hour lessons, including 1 hour of foil training with a jet ski.

Private/Customer Kite, Wing, or Windsurf Instruction: Tailor your lessons to your preferences with 2 hours of personalized training. Prices start at $200 for 2 hours or $270 with a jet ski.

Jet Ski Tow Foil Instruction: Learn to ride the foil behind a jet ski, an exhilarating option for the mornings before the wind picks up. Prices start at $135 per hour.

What Our Guests Say

At Ventana Windsports, guest satisfaction is a top priority. Here’s what one of our delighted guests had to say:

“We always stay at Ventana Windsports and we LOVE it! The staff is amazing, beach access is as good as it gets, and the rooms are great – clean, comfortable, and spacious. The location is perfect – both for launching kites and for walking or biking easily to nearby bars and restaurants. The place feels like a home away from home, and we can immediately feel like we are on vacation as soon as we arrive.” – Pam

Stay Informed

Subscribe to the Ventana Windsports newsletter to be the first to hear about updates, seasonal promotions, and special deals. Your windsurfing adventure in La Ventana awaits!

  • Address: Dom. Conocido, La Ventana, BCS 123, Mexico
  • Phone: U.S. 1-707-738-1813, Baja 011 52(612)114-0065
  • Email: [email protected]

Make the most of your adventure in this beautiful country.

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The Evolution of Windsurfing: From Invention to Olympic Sport

Windsurfing, a thrilling blend of sailing and surfing, has captured the hearts of water sports enthusiasts worldwide. Its origins are a testament to human ingenuity and aeronautical engineering. This article delves into the rich history of windsurfing, from its inception to its current status as an Olympic sport.

The Birth of an Idea

In the late 1960s, a wave of innovation swept across California, combining elements of aerospace engineering and surf culture to give birth to windsurfing. While various concepts of sailboards existed before, it was Jim Drake who would become known as “The Father of Windsurfing.” Educated as an aeronautical engineer at Stanford University, Drake envisioned a sport that combined the simplicity of skiing with the exhilaration of sailing.

Drake’s patented invention, marketed as the “Windsurfer,” emerged as the iconic image of windsurfing for over two decades. He co-founded Windsurfing International alongside businessman Hoyle Schweitzer. Together, they introduced the world to the thrill of windsurfing, which rapidly gained popularity in Europe and North America during the 1970s and 1980s.

Innovations that Shaped the Sport

Windsurfing’s early days were marked by long boards that were ideal for low wind conditions. These boards allowed a wide range of participants, including families with young children, to enjoy the sport. However, the 1980s ushered in a period of rapid innovation that transformed windsurfing. A global community of equipment designers, manufacturers, athletes, and travel professionals collaborated to propel the sport forward.

This era witnessed the development of planing short boards, foot straps, harnesses, and more stable sails, shattering world speed sailing records. Windsurfing’s retail momentum, however, faced stiff competition from emerging action sports like mountain biking, snowboarding, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), and kiteboarding. Many windsurfing schools had to adapt, shifting their focus to teach these new sports.

The Resurgence through Foiling

After experiencing lean years in the 2000s, windsurfing saw a remarkable revival, thanks to the explosion of foiling. Foil boards, equipped with hydrofoil fins beneath the surface, allowed windsurfers to lift out of the water and glide silently even in lighter winds. This technological advancement breathed new life into the sport, attracting enthusiasts eager for fresh challenges.

The Pioneers of Windsurfing

Windsurfing’s history is not solely the story of Jim Drake. It also credits other early sailboard pioneers. Newman Darby, an American, conceptualized and built a sailboard with a universal joint in the 1950s. In England, Peter Chilvers invented a sailboard in 1958. These inventions, predating Drake’s, contributed to the sport’s development.

The collaboration between Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer was instrumental in shaping the modern sport of windsurfing. While Drake engineered the original concept, Schweitzer played a pivotal role in patenting, marketing, and selling the Windsurfer brand. Their partnership created a sporting phenomenon that continues to thrive today.

Drake’s Ingenious Prototype

Jim Drake’s engineering prowess was on full display when he crafted the world’s first windsurfer prototype in 1967. He meticulously designed and constructed components like the wishbone boom, daggerboard, and mast foot from laminated teak wood. The custom sail was made from Dacron sailcloth, while the board required an extra-large foam blank for adequate flotation. Drake’s innovative approach laid the foundation for modern windsurfing.

On May 21, 1967, Jim Drake, accompanied by his family, embarked on a historic journey, marking the first modern windsurfing adventure. His dedication to refining the sport’s mechanics and his ability to create a workable prototype in his home garage underscored his commitment to windsurfing’s evolution.

From Skate to Windsurfer

Originally, Drake and Schweitzer intended to name their creation “Skate” (SK8). However, the name was later changed to “Baja Board” in early 1968. It wasn’t until a chance encounter with a passerby, Bert Salisbury, that the name “Windsurfer” was born. Salisbury’s suggestion led to the adoption of this now-iconic name, which became synonymous with the sport itself.

The Legal Battles

The journey of windsurfing was not without its legal disputes. Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer filed the very first windsurfing patent in 1968, which was later granted in 1970. As the sport rapidly gained popularity, patent disputes erupted. Schweitzer aggressively protected his patent rights, even as sub-licenses were granted to manufacturers worldwide.

The sport’s growth led to a complex web of legal battles, with companies presenting prior art to dispute Windsurfing International’s rights to the invention. Innovators like Newman Darby, Peter Chilvers, and Richard Eastaugh were all recognized for their contributions. Ultimately, patent disputes and evolving legal precedents shaped the windsurfing landscape.

The Triumph of a Global Phenomenon

By the late 1980s, windsurfing had become a global phenomenon, and the rivalry between the European and American markets was at its peak. The sport’s rapid expansion and evolving equipment choices set the stage for a future where windsurfing would thrive on the international stage.

The Olympic Dream

In 1984, windsurfing achieved a significant milestone when it became an official Olympic sport. This recognition solidified its status as a competitive discipline that showcased the skill and athleticism of windsurfers on a global stage. The IQfoil class was introduced for the 2024 Olympics in France, signaling windsurfing’s continued evolution as a competitive sport.

Windsurfing Today

Today, windsurfing has evolved into various disciplines, including slalom, wave, freestyle, and foiling. The equipment has diversified, with boards tailored for different styles of windsurfing. Longboards are ideal for lighter winds and course racing, while shortboards are designed for planing conditions. Freestyle boards cater to acrobatic tricks, while racing longboards adhere to strict one-design classes.

Windsurfing equipment has seen remarkable advancements, with boards incorporating lightweight materials like carbon fiber and kevlar. The sport continues to attract enthusiasts of all ages, offering thrilling experiences in the world’s waters.

In conclusion, windsurfing’s journey from a revolutionary idea to an Olympic sport is a testament to human innovation and passion. Its rich history, marked by invention, legal disputes, and technological advancements, has shaped it into the thrilling and inclusive sport we know today. As windsurfing continues to evolve, it remains a source of excitement and adventure for water sports enthusiasts worldwide.

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