Looking For A Vacation Home In Mexico That Pays You To Take Holidays?

Looking For A Vacation Home In Mexico That Pays You To Take Holidays?

Even While You Stay There For Free 4 Weeks A Year?

Let’s Find One Today That Costs Less Than Most Peoples Cars

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Updated 2021: Are you tired of a long cold northern winters? Are you thinking about buying a vacation home in Mexico to enjoy fun in the sun vacations?

Vacation homes in Mexico offer a lot of advantages for a vacation property or a second home.  Temperate climate, tranquil white beaches, turquoise blue ocean water and lots of sunny days. Plus foreigners can own property here and are good value when you factor in the Peso exchange rate.

Mexico is a large country and offers a lot of variety for landscapes including beaches,  mountains,  deserts, forests and tropical  jungle. What is this diversity also comes a large variety vacation homes. Antique Spanish colonial homes, beach side villas,  luxury mansions on a cliff and everything in between. Even buying a small farm in the Yucatán with a vacation home is possible.

Golden opportunities like this still exist if you know where to look and have a good connection with a local real estate network. It’s also important that you understand the five pillars of foreign real estate investing before buying a vacation home in Mexico.

Here is the thing though, you want to have a great vacation property where you can relax and have a great time with your family and friends year after year.

Selecting the right Mexico vacation property now can be more than great vacations for you… but another good nest egg for your family and your future retirement.

Too many people are not making the right choices when buying a vacation home because they don’t know the 5 rules to profitable vacation property investment.

The reality is that buying a vacation home in Mexico has different rules and expectations that most investors are not aware of.

Fortunately, there are some basic rules you need to complete and if done in the right order you can to enjoy your future vacation home for many years to come.

The best part?

I am going to take you by the hand and show you these basic rules on how to not only find a great vacation home but find one that pays you while you stay there for a bonus cherry on top.

Continue reading to learn how……….

“Discover The 5 Rules To Vacation Property Investing: Get access to the closely guarded secrets to make vacation property investing enjoyable and profitable. Added Bonus of vacation properties not yet on tourist radars that can still be “scooped up cheap”.

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Learn The Pivot Approach To Vacation Home Investing That Pays You To Take Vacations

So you are wondering why would you listen to me?

I still remember when I first started out to buy my first vacation home. I was a real estate investing newbie I made quite a few mistakes. Because of my mistakes I took quite a few financial losses.

I was naïve and believed because I had run my own small business with a basic knowledge of home inspection and doing my own accounting that I was capable of buying a foreign vacation home.

I had all the knowledge I needed about investing in vacation homes in Mexico.

My first vacation that I bought in Mexico was not a success. I did not spend enough time researching the location. Between low occupancy rates and paying high taxes for foreigners and some termites, I lost some money.

Losing money never feels good and I never did enjoy my Mexican vacations there.

All I can say is the the real estate agent and a Mexican lawyer were the only people who made a profit on that vacation home.

I knew there had to be a good vacation home investment and I was determined find away to turn my loss into a profit.

After endless hours of reading  and researching Mexican investment and real estate forums trying to find the clues to buying the perfect vacation home. I was no closer to finding a vacation retreat where I could relax and enjoy my vacation time with my family and friends.

Searching and locating profitable vacation homes takes a lot of hard work, valuable time and various technical skills.

Here is a partial list of some of the things I researched:

  • Best Locations For A Vacation Home In Mexico
  • Airbnb Vacation Homes
  • VRBO
  • Vacation Home Sharing
  • Foreign Bank Accounts
  • Vacation Property Management
  • Taxes – Property and Capital Gains
  • Mexico Vacation Home Prices
  • Double Tax Treaty
  • Mexican Visa

I did not leave any stone unturned in my quest for a vacation home in Mexico.

What happened next?

I bought my next vacation home where there are plenty of fun things to do, has great weather, delicious local cuisine, profitable, safe to live, and my investment is protected

With my second vacation home in Mexico I had more experience on how to make the buying experience better and make more profit.

This is when I started my list of five things you need to know before you buy a vacation home in Mexico.

After years of buying vacation homes using this basic investing criteria I have learned that even missing one step can affect your vacation home will be profitable or not.

What are the five investing rules you need to know before buying a profitable vacation home in Mexico?

sea view from Puerto Vallarta villa

Location, Location, Location

Everybody wants a holiday home what the weather is fantastic and there is lots of fun things to do

Finding “off of the radar” holiday home destinations keeps your purchase price  low and your occupancy rate high

Locating The Best ROI

There is more money made in buying than there is in selling” 

If the purchase price of your vacation home is too high it can take too long to pay itself back.

Comparing the prices of vacation homes nearby you can help you determine what your ROI will be and any profit potential.

Property Management Evaluation

A good property management team could be the difference between year vacation home being occupied or sitting empty. Look for a team to keep your guest happy and gets many multiple five star reviews.

As you’re aware online reviews can make or break your holiday vacation home occupancy rates. Keep this in mind when you select your property management company.

Be Aware Of Taxes

Mexico has different tax rates for foreigners and their rental income, capital gains, and property taxes.

Knowing how to structure your taxes can mean the difference between being profitable or taking a “loss”.

Quality Construction & Design

Have you ever booked a holiday home or an Airbnb online? Did you rent something unique or something that look very similar to the rest of the vacation homes available?

Knowing which designs and features tourists desire the most can help you generate higher occupancy rates and ROI.

These are the five things you need to be most aware of when buying vacation home in Mexico. But there are some other things you need to consider.

Other Considerations

Finding vacation homes that meet 3 or 4 of the above investment steps are simple to locate.

Perform a quick search of vacation homes for sale in Mexico and the search results are littered with sun-drenched vacation paradises with promising returns and ZERO EFFORT.

Locating a vacation home that meets all five of the above investment steps is trickier to find.

Nowadays when I invite my family and friends to my Mexican vacation home they always ask me how do I locate all the best vacation retreats?

My response to the question is is that I have been using and refining a process over the years with five steps to buying a vacation home.

Lower Your Risk And Increase Your Odds

They laugh and respond by saying “I’m just lucky and nobody else can find a great vacation home that makes a good ROI like I can”

But I am not the only one in enjoying my vacation home and making a good profit. I have shown this process to other holiday home investors and they have went on to purchase great vacation homes as well.

Here are some screenshots of my admin accounts showing some of my investors and my occupancy rates and profits.

Duplicating these results is not easy however and if anyone informs you otherwise they are not experienced enough in the Mexican vacation home market.

Getting results like this is not about luck or a one-off chance. This process is repeatable either for first time and/or veteran vacation home investors assuming you follow the five investment steps above.

fun in the sun vacation properties

Vacation Home Investing Veterans Are Using These Investment Steps

I have invested in vacation homes around Mexico but the homes I purchased once I knew the rules presented by Pivot Media took my vacation investments to the next level.” Lee C

Location, Location, Location

Yes I know you’re tired of hearing you three words, but it’s important!

Knowing what kind of holidays you like is very important. Do you like the peace and quiet of a tropical spring, or the vibe and bustle of a sandy beach, or maybe just a view of the sea?

Knowing this before hand will help you select the proper location in Mexico. Mexico is a huge country with large geographical differences. Mountains, beaches, tropical forests, deserts, and views of the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean are all possible.

You also need a location that is not over-developed and have the over-inflated prices to go with it.

But to make your vacation home is really exciting you need fun things to do, have a great climate, be safe, and be a good tourist destination.

What locations make this list? Cancun? Los Cabos? Meridia? Alcupolco? Mexico City? Mazatlan?

All these locations in Mexico are a good place to have a vacation home but all of them are missing one or two of the required criteria to be considered a great vacation location.

Your Vacation Home Should Make Money While You Sleep

What should you expect to pay for a good vacation home in Mexico?

Prices for a vacation homes are is wide and varied as Mexico is.

Metric is the measurement system used in Mexico and will require some conversion from metric to standard for investors who live in the USA.

Concerting meters squared (m2) to square feet (sqft) you multiply by eleven and you will get the size of the property.

Example 50 m2 x 11 = 550 sqft

Opportunities exist in Mexico to buy good vacation homes under $1000 m2.

Lower and higher prices exist but they usually don’t meet the other 5 elements of  vacation home investing.

Property Management Seals The Deal

If you are not planning on living in Mexico where your vacation home is situated you will require reliable property management.

Proper property management companies will look after your vacation home like it’s their own and produce reliable income and  five star reviews to keep a high ROI .

Airport shuttles, friendly reception, clean rooms, comfy mattresses, luxurious showers, and attention to details will generate plenty of 5-star reviews.

Something often overlooked is transparency. Request real-time access to the admin area of the property management team so you can track check-ins, utility payments and distribution of rental income.

Securing a great property management team can also act as your local business connection to your community. They already speak Spanish and English and are used to local customs that are normal in Mexico.

And this is important in case you ever have any issues with your new vacation home.

Cut The Taxes

Plenty of vacation home locations have many tourist attractions to make your vacation there a pleasurable one.

But so do their tax assessments and not in a positive way.

Giving your hard-earned income to a greedy or corrupt foreign government is another way to cut into your returns and your enjoyment of staying there.

Mexico’s tax rate is 30% and is quite high for emerging economies. Do your research first and pay less in taxes.

Quality Vacation Home Construction Is Not Standard

There are quality contractors around Mexico that build great vacation properties.

Unfortunately,  There are some that don’t.

Ask what construction codes were used when the home was built and that they  meet all local building requirements.

Some building contractors do not follow building requirements so buyer beware. Look for a home building contractors with a long history of doing reliable work.

Mexico’s home building requirements and standards are different then what you are used to in your home country.

Attractive design and useful features that tourists require should also be something you require in you new vacation home.

Somethings on the list should be; comfortable mattresses, spa-like bathrooms with rain fall showers and a design that is attractive and comfortable.

“Discover The 5 Rules To Vacation Property Investing: Get access to the closely guarded secrets to make vacation property investing enjoyable and profitable. Added Bonus of vacation properties not yet on tourist radars that can still be “scooped up cheap”.

So Now The Choice Is Yours:

Do You Want To Locate And Enjoy The Perfect Vacation Home In Mexico?

Or Do You Want To Hope You Find A Four Leaf  Clover and Hope You Stumble Into The Dream Vacation Home?

Applying these 5 rules separates you from the other 97% of vacation home investors and sets you up to succeed quicker.

Do you see the importance of applying all five elements of vacation home investing now?

My hope is you understand everything I outlined so far?

If not? be sure to send your email in the form below to get the detailed answers you want from my next article about the best vacation home locations delivered directly to your inbox.

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