Important Mexican Travel Requirements You Need To Know

The 180-day Maximum Has Been Removed As The Default

According to Mexico's immigration regulations under the immigration rules of Mexico, the maximum amount of time you're allowed to remain within Mexico under the guidance of a visitor's permit (FMM) can be 180 days.

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The amount of time allowed is all the time been dependent on the discretion of an immigration officer at the point of entry. Up until the present, the majority (but but not always) tourists who came to Mexico for business or leisure travel were granted visitor permits that grant the entire 180-day period.

We've been told that the policy of giving most visitors 180 days in default has changed and visitors will be given an amount of time that is in line to the purpose of their trip.

What Does This Mean For Travelers to Mexico?

If you're visiting Mexico under the guise of a visitor's permit, this change in the manner guests is admitted could not impact your travel plans. If you are planning to stay for more than a few weeks, then inform the immigration officer who will inquire about your intentions and require evidence to the support of your plans, such as accommodation arrangements or return tickets.

Tourists and business visitors

If you're in Mexico to enjoy a brief vacation or business trip, you're not likely to suffer from the change. Be sure to inform your travel plans to the immigration official in order they can give you the right amount of time for your visit.

Longer-term visits

If you plan to remain in Mexico for longer than a few weeks, or have a habit to applying for Mexico's visitor permit to travel for longer periods of time -- like when you are spending winters in Mexico or own a house in Mexico and work part-time as visitor and are expecting to receive 180 days of stay, as is the standard today, it is recommended to speak with the immigration officer at the border and discuss your plans and goals prior to when they can write down the days you'll need on your visa, and then request the number of days you require to meet your needs (it can't over the 180-day limit.).

'Perpetual visitors'

The change could affect 'perpetual visitors' since they will not be granted 180 days as a default. As we stated in our article on the FMM Some individuals have taken advantage of the ability of the Visitor permit to return repeatedly to Mexico to stay longer. We also noted that immigration authorities have been examining the entry records of travelers visiting Mexico for a while and questioning the motives of those who are constantly returning, and we've recommended you think about the possibility of applying for legal residence in the event that you plan to stay staying in Mexico for a longer period of time.

Visitors' Permits Cannot Be Renewed or Extended.

The number of days noted on your visitor's permits (FMM) at the time of the entry officer at the point of entry can be considered your maximum duration you're allowed to remain for in Mexico, even if it is not more than 180 days. You may be able to swap your visitor permit in exchange for an residency permit in certain circumstances.

  • You are not able to have the amount of days that you have been granted and you are not able to renew the permit.
  • If you reside living in Mexico and would like to apply for legal residency You must quit Mexico before you can begin the application, except:
  • If you have specific relatives to Mexico you can make an application to swap your visitor's permit for a residence permit within the country; or;
  • under a specific procedure announced in a specific procedure by the INM under a specific procedure, people who have expired visitor permits are able to change these permits to residency permits in Mexico without leaving Mexico.
  • Visitors permits can be exchanged inside the country to fulfill humanitarian needs, but the circumstances have to be extraordinary, and the procedure remains subject to the sole discretion of Immigration office.
  • You must, if you wish to, quit Mexico before the expiration date of your permit.

Avert your eyes from Tampering using your FMM form

There are reports posted on social media that suggest some individuals may be manipulating the number of days that are written on their forms. The form comes with a unique serial number on it which is linked to an electronically recorded record of entry into Mexico. The number of days you're granted is recorded in that record. The INM is not tolerant to anyone who alters the form to alter the number of days noted on it by an immigration officer.

Changes to the time limit for visitors in summary

These are the main things to be aware of about the new rules:

  • The Mexican tourist permits (FMM) allows visitors to stay in Mexico for up to a max time of 180 days. However, the length of stay has always been determined by decision of an immigration officer at point of entry.
  • Visitors will no longer receive 180 days of stay in Mexico as a default Instead, visitors are granted a certain number of days in accordance with their plans and immigration authorities may require evidence to support the intentions.
  • The determination of the number of days are granted is to an individual discretion by the official who handles immigration at your point of entry. Also, the number of days granted (written) in the visa is the length of time you are permitted to remain in Mexico the permit will not exceed 180 days, however it could be shorter than 180 days.
  • Visitor permit (FMM) are not able to be renewed or extended, however they are exchangeable in-country for a limited number of exceptional circumstances as described in the previous paragraphs.
  • You must exit Mexico prior to the time your visitor's permit runs out.
  • If you plan to stay in Mexico for longer than a few months or are visiting Mexico for a short period of time annually and would like to ease your entry and departure with the least degree of hassle it is recommended that to make an application for residency Mexico through an overseas consulate, or by following the special process to be eligible.
  • If you're currently living in Mexico and have any concerns or concerns about your existing visitor's permit, or
    Mexico government website English call the nearest INM office for assistance and advice.

Mexico Immigration Assistance

If you need help in your planning If you require assistance with your plans, our Mexico Immigration Assistance Service gives assistance and advice to assist you with the entire application for residency or renewal process, with specific regularization procedures. Find out more information and submit an appointment.

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What are the latest Covid19 border requirements in Mexico?

Mexico has recently stopped requiring all Covid-19 protocols to enter Mexico.


If you are planning on traveling to Mexico anytime in the near future, it is important that you are aware of the travel restrictions currently in place. The Mexican government has imposed a number of restrictions in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19.

In this blog post, we will outline all of the current travel restrictions and provide some advice on how to prepare for your trip.

The following are the main restrictions that are currently in place:

  • All international flights into and out of Mexico have been suspended until further notice
  • All cruise ships traveling to Mexican ports have been barred from docking
  • Non-essential travel within Mexico is prohibited
  • Be prepared for possible delays or cancellations

If you are still determined to travel to Mexico, there are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of staying safe. Firstly, make sure that you are up to date on all the latest COVID-19 information. You can find reliable information on the CDC website. Secondly, pack plenty of supplies just in case you end up getting stuck somewhere. Finally, be prepared for possible delays or cancellations. If your flight or tour is cancelled, it is important to have a backup plan in place.

Are there Covid tests required to get into Mexico? How much do they cost in Cancun?

Which countries have open borders with Mexico? Do you need a health declaration or any other paperwork for these countries? Mexico's borders are open to all countries

- A health declaration is not necessary

- No other paperwork is required

What if I am transiting through Mexico on my way to another country? Do I need to stop in a designated covid 19 checkpoints?

TRANSITING THROUGH MEXICO -- If you are only transiting through Mexico and will be continuing your journey to another country within 72 hours, you do not need to go through a covid 19 checkpoint. However, please keep in mind that some airlines may require proof of onward travel. Make sure you have all the necessary documentation with you before departing for your flight.

Are there any covid-19 protocols for flights to Mexico?

FLIGHTS TO MEXICO --There are covid 19 protocols for any flight that is going to land in Mexico. Passengers must wear a mask at all times on the plane, and it is best to avoid close contact with others as much as possible while flying.

What covid 19 safety protocol do hotels have in place? COVID 19 SAFETY PROTOCOLS IN HOTELS across the country have implemented new covid health measures such as temperature checks upon check-in, social distancing rules being enforced both indoors and outdoors, staff wearing masks at all times except when they are eating/drinking or interacting directly with guests, and more. Many hotels are also offering refunds or cancellations for those who do not feel comfortable traveling to Mexico at this time. Make sure to contact your hotel directly to inquire about their covid 19 safety measures.

Are any beaches closed due to covid-19?

BEACHES CLOSED DUE TO COVID 19 Some of the most popular tourist beaches in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Cozumel have been closed indefinitely due to covid 19. However, there are still many beautiful beaches that are open for visitors. Make sure to check with your hotel or resort before heading out to the beach so you know which ones are safe to visit.

Are there covid 19 safety protocols for restaurants in Mexico?

COVID RESTRICTIONS IN MEXICO Restaurants have implemented new covid 19 health measures such as mask wearing at all times except when eating/drinking or interacting directly with guests, social distancing rules being enforced both indoors and outdoors, staff having their temperature checked every morning before they start working that day, contactless menus available on some tables (touchscreen menus), hand sanitizer stations throughout premises.

Restaurant employees must wear masks whenever possible and wash their hands frequently to prevent transmission of germs.

What is the cost of a covid-19 test in Cancun?

COVID TEST CANCUN AIRPORT PRICE 2021 The cost of a covid-19 rapid test at the airport Cancun is $25 USD. Make sure to have cash on hand, as credit cards are not accepted for this type of payment.

There you have it! The latest information on Mexico border requirements covid 19 and how they may affect your travel plans. Be sure to check back often for updates, as things may change at any time. Have a safe journey!

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