Zihuatanejo Guerrero

Discover Your Perfect Getaway: Zihuatanejo Vacation Rentals

Nestled on the picturesque coastline of Mexico, Zihuatanejo offers a haven for travelers seeking a blend of tranquility, adventure, and stunning natural beauty. And what better way to experience this paradise than by immersing yourself in the comfort and convenience of unique vacation rentals provided by Airbnb? From charming apartments to luxurious villas, Zihuatanejo’s offerings cater to every traveler’s taste. Let’s dive into the world of Zihuatanejo vacation rentals and explore the top-rated accommodations that promise an unforgettable stay.

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Things To Do in Zihuatanejo Guerrero

  • Relax on the beach: Zihuatanejo has many beautiful beaches, perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and surfing. Some of the most popular beaches include Playa La Ropa, Playa Principal, and Playa Linda.
  • Go snorkeling or diving: The clear waters off the coast of Zihuatanejo are perfect for snorkeling and diving. There are many different dive sites to choose from, including coral reefs, shipwrecks, and sea caves.
  • Take a boat tour: There are many different boat tours available in Zihuatanejo, including sunset cruises, fishing trips, and whale watching tours. You can also take a boat to Ixtapa, a neighboring resort town with beautiful beaches.
  • Visit the Zihuatanejo Art Walk: The Zihuatanejo Art Walk is held every Friday evening from 6pm to 10pm. The walk takes place in the Centro Historico (Historic Center) and features art galleries, shops, and restaurants.
  • Go hiking in the Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains: The Sierra Madre del Sur Mountains are located just outside of Zihuatanejo. The mountains are home to a variety of plants and animals, and there are many hiking trails to choose from.
  • Learn to surf: Zihuatanejo is a popular spot for surfing, and there are many surf schools in the area that offer lessons for all levels.
  • Take a cooking class: Zihuatanejo is a great place to learn about Mexican cuisine. There are many cooking classes available, where you can learn to make traditional dishes such as tacos, burritos, and mole.
  • Enjoy the nightlife: Zihuatanejo has a vibrant nightlife scene, with something to offer everyone. There are many bars and clubs to choose from, as well as live music and dancing.

These are just a few of the many things to do in Zihuatanejo. With its beautiful beaches, clear waters, and vibrant culture, the city has something to offer everyone.

Your Gateway to Zihuatanejo: Home Holidays Rentals

Zihuatanejo, Mexico – a name that conjures images of pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and a relaxed pace of life. With Airbnb, you have the opportunity to make this dream a reality. Imagine waking up to the sound of waves crashing and the gentle rustling of palm leaves. As you step outside your vacation rental, you’re greeted by the captivating view of the Pacific Ocean. This is the magic that Zihuatanejo offers, and Airbnb provides the key to unlock it.

The Cream of the Crop: Top-Rated Vacation Rentals

When it comes to vacation rentals, quality matters. That’s why Airbnb showcases only the finest properties, ensuring that your stay is nothing short of exceptional. Here are a few of the top-rated gems that have captured the hearts of travelers:

Exclusive Penthouse With access to Playa las Gatas

Rating: 5/5 stars Starting at $246/night

This luxurious condo invites you to connect with nature in a spacious and serene environment. The beauty of the natural landscape envelops you, while breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean mesmerize. Indulge in the Private Las Gatas Beach Access and take a dip in your Private Pool. Worries are swept away with the included Cleaning Service, leaving you with ample time to explore the outdoor areas, relax at the BeachClub, or engage in a friendly match of tennis or paddle tennis. As the day winds down, take advantage of the provided kayaks to venture into the ocean’s embrace.

Beachfront Condo at Peninsula Ixtapa

Rating: 4.86/5 stars Starting at $122/night

Perched on the 11th floor, this beachfront condominium offers a mesmerizing view of Playa El Palmar in Ixtapa. Modern finishes adorn the interior, creating an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. This retreat is tailor-made for couples seeking relaxation. Please note, Peninsula Ixtapa follows strict occupancy rules, ensuring a serene and peaceful atmosphere for all guests.

Casa Bella , Playa la Madera ,Zihuatanejo

Rating: 4.95/5 stars Starting at $55/night

Casa Bella beckons with its design crafted for comfort and relaxation. Just steps away from La Madera beach and a short stroll from the center of town, this serviced apartment ensures convenience and accessibility. Immerse yourself in the local scene, enjoying the proximity to restaurants, cafes, and more.

A Variety of Options: Choose Your Style

Airbnb recognizes that every traveler is unique, and their accommodations should reflect that. Whether you’re seeking a spacious house for a family retreat, a luxurious villa for a romantic getaway, or a conveniently located apartment for your solo adventure, Zihuatanejo has it all.


A private space for you and your loved ones, where cherished memories are created. Spread out and savor the comfort of having your own retreat.


Indulge in the lap of luxury with opulent villas that offer the perfect blend of privacy and grandeur. Bask in the exclusivity of your surroundings.


Embrace the local lifestyle with conveniently situated apartments that provide all the essentials you need for a memorable stay. Immerse yourself in the heart of Zihuatanejo’s charm.

Amenities That Enhance Your Stay

Airbnb knows that the details matter. That’s why Zihuatanejo vacation rentals come equipped with a range of amenities designed to enhance your experience:

  • Self check-in: Arrive at your own pace, hassle-free.
  • Gym: Stay active even on vacation.
  • BBQ grill: Enjoy a delicious outdoor feast.
  • Laptop-friendly workspace: Stay connected or take care of business if needed.
  • Wifi: Share your Zihuatanejo moments with the world.

Explore Zihuatanejo’s Treasures

Beyond the comforts of your vacation rental, Zihuatanejo offers a treasure trove of local sights and experiences to explore:

  • Zihuatanejo Pier: A charming landmark that offers stunning views and a vibrant atmosphere.
  • Municipal Market: Immerse yourself in local culture and find unique souvenirs.
  • Playa el Palmar: Bask in the sun on this beautiful beach.
  • Restaurante La Perla: Indulge in local flavors and culinary delights.
  • Zihuatanejo’s Top Sights: Discover the essence of the town through its local attractions.

Your Journey Begins Now

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Zihuatanejo beckons with its natural beauty, warm hospitality, and a serene ambiance that invites you to unwind. Airbnb’s carefully curated vacation rentals provide the ideal starting point for your adventure. Whether you’re looking for a romantic escape, a family getaway, or a solo exploration, Zihuatanejo’s offerings cater to your desires. Don’t just visit Zihuatanejo – live it. Book your unique vacation rental on Airbnb and embark on a journey that promises memories to last a lifetime.

Discover more options for house, villa, and condo rentals in Zihuatanejo on Airbnb. Your dream vacation is just a few clicks away.

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