Where Are Kinetic Kennons?

The internet has been abuzz wondering about the disappearance of the Kinetic Kennon's. Who are the Kinetic Kennons?

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They are American couple that had been living in Mexico creating YouTube videos describing their experience living there. They had a popular YouTube channel that I had been running for about 11 months.

Then corona happened and they decided to take a break for a while and they made a video about it.

Apparently some people never saw the video and started wondering if something serious had happened to them?

Apparently they are OK and they wrote an article in Medium telling about their current boss wanting to fire them if they don’t return home to the USA. Their employer says it’s too risky to live in Mexico.

So now they have created a Patreon campaign to raise money to stay in Mexico and continue to make YouTube videos about living there.

A link to their Patreon campaign is here

And the link to their YouTube channel is here

And here are a few of their videos from living in Mexico


What do you think about the Kinetic Kennon's YouTube channel about living in Mexico?