VRBO List Property

VRBO List Property: How To And What The Cost? A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re looking to tap into the lucrative vacation rental industry, creating a listing on Vrbo should be at the top of your to-do list. Vrbo, a prominent player in the online marketplace for vacation rentals, boasts over 2 million bookable vacation rental homes spread across 190 countries. As a part of the Expedia family of brands, Vrbo offers a powerful platform to showcase your property and attract travelers from around the world. This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of crafting a compelling listing on Vrbo, ensuring your property stands out in the competitive market.

Getting Started

Signing Up and Logging In

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler with an existing Vrbo account or a newcomer to the platform, getting started is a breeze. If you’ve previously signed up as a traveler, you can use the same credentials to log in as an owner. For those new to Vrbo, the sign-up process is seamless. Once you’ve established your account, you’ll have the flexibility to both list your property and explore potential vacation destinations.

Basics First

Before delving into the specifics, begin by providing fundamental details about your property. Start with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, essential information that helps potential guests gauge the size of your rental.

Next, furnish VRBO with the address of your property. Accuracy is key here, as this information directly impacts how travelers will locate and evaluate your listing.

Crafting Your Owner Account

To solidify your presence on Vrbo, furnish your owner account with essential contact details. This includes your email, name, phone number, and a secure password. Your owner account is the gateway to managing your property’s listing, inquiries, and bookings.

Once your account is up and running, Vrbo provides a glimpse of your earning potential. Using data from comparable properties in your area, Vrbo estimates your potential income based on a 75% occupancy rate. This insight is invaluable in setting competitive pricing for your rental.

Verifying Your Rental’s Location

Vrbo’s commitment to accuracy extends to verifying your rental’s location. You’ll be prompted to verify and pin your property’s exact location on the map. This step ensures travelers can access precise directions once their reservation is confirmed.

Showcasing Your Property

Adding Essential Details

As you move deeper into the listing process, provide more intricate details about your property. Craft an attention-grabbing headline with up to 80 characters – this is your first opportunity to captivate potential guests. Follow it up with a thorough property description of up to 1,000 characters, painting a vivid picture of what your rental offers.

Specify your property type, the number of bedrooms, the maximum number of guests it can accommodate, and the number of bathrooms. Additionally, establish house rules that outline occupancy limits, minimum age requirements, and whether you allow parties, children, pets, and smoking.

Navigating Local Laws

Understanding local laws and taxation requirements is crucial for a smooth hosting experience. Vrbo guides you through this process by directing you to the local laws page. Depending on your property’s location, this step might not be necessary, but it’s crucial to ensure legal compliance.

Captivating Visuals

Showcasing Your Property Through Photos

Visuals play a pivotal role in attracting potential guests. Vrbo mandates a minimum of 6 photos for your listing, with the option to add up to 24. High-resolution images with dimensions of 1920×1080 pixels are a must. Photograph key spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and any additional rooms. Your profile photo is equally vital – choose one that encapsulates the essence of your property.

Protecting Your Account

Cybersecurity is a top priority on Vrbo. To safeguard your account, you’ll be prompted to verify your identity by receiving a verification code on your mobile phone. This added layer of security ensures that only you have access to your owner account.

Navigating Pricing and Payment

Setting Up Payment and Banking Details

Finances take center stage as you set up your payment and banking details. Specify whether you’re an individual owner or a property manager. Provide accurate contact and banking information for seamless transactions.

Tailoring Your Pricing

Crafting a pricing strategy that balances profitability and guest appeal is paramount. Vrbo offers flexibility in setting availability, rates, taxes, and fees. Choose between full calendar availability or blocked calendar availability, tailoring your rental’s schedule to your preferences.

Vrbo recommends starting with competitive pricing to garner initial bookings and earn guest reviews. You can adjust your rates as needed, offering standard rates or setting prices for specific date ranges.

Don’t forget to account for taxes and fees, and be transparent about any additional charges, such as cleaning fees. Adhering to local rules and regulations is crucial to avoid any legal entanglements.

Getting Ready for Bookings

Final Checks and Preparations

Before your listing goes live, a series of final checks ensures that you’re ready to receive bookings. Vrbo notifies you via email and even offers the option to receive text message notifications. Additionally, registering a permit to rent is a streamlined 3-step process, ensuring legal compliance.

Publishing Your Listing

Taking Your Listing Live

With all the pieces in place, it’s time to publish your listing on Vrbo. While it takes between 24 to 48 hours for your listing to become visible in search results, the anticipation is well worth it. Congratulations on successfully creating a listing on Vrbo!

Enhancing Your Listing

Going the Extra Mile

To maximize your property’s appeal and reach, consider these enhancement strategies:

  • Customize Policies: Tailor your rental’s policies to suit your preferences. Set cancellation policies, check-in and check-out times, house rules, and rental agreements.
  • Highlight Amenities: Make your property stand out by listing all available amenities, making it easier for travelers to find your rental in search results.
  • Virtual Tours: Engage potential guests by providing a virtual tour of your property. A video uploaded to platforms like YouTube can add an extra layer of allure.
  • Fine-Tune Pricing: Continuously adjust pricing to optimize bookings and revenue. Modify base rates, discounts, booking requirements, fees, and payment terms.
  • Multilingual Listings: Expand your reach by providing listing details in multiple languages, catering to a diverse range of travelers.

Meeting Verification Requirements

Compliance and Identity Verification

A few days after your listing is published, Vrbo requires compliance with anti-fraud and sanction regulations. This involves submitting proof of identity and property ownership, along with utility bills for the rental property. This information is solely for identity verification and won’t be used for marketing purposes.

The Final Touch

Your Listing on Vrbo – A Reality

You’ve successfully navigated the intricate process of creating a Vrbo listing. Congratulations! Your property is now poised to attract travelers from around the globe. But the journey doesn’t end here.

Seamless Synchronization with Hosthub

The Path to Channel Management

To ensure your property’s success, consider using Hosthub’s Channel Manager. This powerful tool synchronizes your calendar across various channels, saving you time and effort. With Hosthub’s Channel Manager, you’ll streamline the synchronization process and boost your property’s visibility across all booking platforms.

Expert Assistance

When You Need a Professional Touch

If the process seems daunting despite this guide, remember that Hosthub offers professional services to create your Vrbo listing. For a reasonable fee, Hosthub can replicate your content from one vacation rental channel to another, ensuring your property gains maximum exposure.

Expanding Opportunities

Reaching New Heights

As a bonus, Vrbo may identify your listing as eligible for Expanded Distribution, which exposes it to Expedia and other Expedia brands. This expanded reach requires turning on Instant Booking, opening doors to a broader audience.

In conclusion, crafting a compelling listing on VRBO is a dynamic process that demands attention to detail and a strategic approach. By following this comprehensive guide, you’re well-equipped to create a listing that resonates with travelers and sets the stage for a successful vacation rental journey.

VRBO Listing Property FAQ’s

What Does It Cost To List on VRBO?

The cost to list on VRBO is 5% commission fee and 3% processing fee and these are based on the booking price of your property. There are additional VAT fees and exception rules for New Zealand and Australia as GST is charged as well. All fees are paid per booking and no need to pay up front.

How To List Vacation Property on VRBO?

Login to VRBO (or create an account if your don’t have one) and click on “List Your Property” in left navigation menu and follow the prompts.