Mexico Surf Holidays

Chapter 1. Surfing in Mexico: A Paradise for Wave Enthusiasts

Mexico has long been hailed as a paradise for surf enthusiasts, beckoning wave riders from across the globe with its vast and diverse coastline. With over 4,500 miles of Pacific Ocean shoreline, Mexico offers an unparalleled variety of surf breaks, each catering to different skill levels and preferences. In this chapter, we embark on a journey to explore why Mexico is a surfing haven and why Mexico surf holidays in this country are a hot topic for 2024.

The Appeal of Surf Camps: A Comprehensive Guide for 2024

Surf camps have become more than just a trend; they are a way of life for many surfers seeking to hone their skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and immerse themselves in the surf culture. As we delve into the world of surf camps in Mexico, we’ll uncover the reasons behind their popularity and provide a comprehensive guide for 2024. From Sayulita to Troncones, we’ll take you on a virtual tour of the best surf camps this country has to offer. Get ready to ride the waves and embrace the spirit of adventure as we navigate through the Mexican surf scene.

Chapter 2. The Mexican Surfing Landscape

Mexico’s Rich Surfing Heritage

When it comes to surfing, Mexico boasts not only some of the most incredible waves but also a rich surfing heritage that spans decades. In this chapter, we dive into the deep-blue waters of Mexican surf culture and explore the historical significance that has made this country a revered destination for wave riders.

Riding the Waves of Mexican History

Ancient Beginnings

Surfing in Mexico has ancient roots dating back to pre-Columbian times. Indigenous people, such as the Polynesians of Hawaii, practiced wave riding on primitive wooden planks called “petacas.” These early surfers rode the waves for both practical and recreational purposes, emphasizing the deep connection between surfing and Mexican coastal communities.

The Surfing Renaissance

The modern resurgence of surfing in Mexico began in the mid-20th century, thanks to the pioneering efforts of American surfers who ventured south in search of perfect breaks. As word spread about Mexico’s uncrowded waves, surfers from around the world flocked to discover the hidden treasures along its coastline.

A World of Wave Diversity

Mexico’s surfing landscape is a diverse tapestry of waves, offering something for every surfer, from beginners to advanced riders. The Pacific coast, in particular, is a haven for wave enthusiasts, and here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

Baja California

The Baja Peninsula in northern Mexico is renowned for its consistent and powerful waves. Surfers often find themselves in awe of the legendary point breaks and long rides that characterize this region.

Guerrero and Oaxaca

Venturing further south, Guerrero and Oaxaca offer a different flavor of surf. With a more relaxed pace and a mix of point breaks and beach breaks, these regions attract both experienced surfers and those looking to catch their first waves.

Sayulita’s Magic

Sayulita, a small surf town on the Pacific coast, deserves special mention. This idyllic destination is a magnet for beginners and those seeking a laid-back surf experience. The gentle waves here make it an ideal place to learn to ride.

Surfing Legends and Icons

Throughout its history, Mexico has produced surfing legends who have left an indelible mark on the sport. From the iconic Greg Noll to the charismatic Gerry Lopez, these surfers have helped shape Mexico’s reputation as a world-class surfing destination.

As we journey through Mexico’s rich surfing heritage, it becomes clear that this country is not just a surf destination; it’s a place where the waves whisper tales of centuries past and the stoke of catching a perfect wave transcends time. In the next chapter, we’ll explore the diverse Mexican coastlines, from the rugged Baja Peninsula to the enchanting shores of Oaxaca.


Chapter 3. Sayulita: The Beginner’s Haven

Sayulita – Where Surf Dreams Begin

Nestled along the picturesque coastline of Nayarit, Sayulita is a vibrant surf town that beckons both beginners and seasoned wave riders. In this chapter, we embark on a journey to discover why Sayulita holds a special place in the hearts of surf enthusiasts.

The Allure of Sayulita

A Charming Mexican Paradise

Sayulita is often described as a charming Mexican paradise with its cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and a lively atmosphere. This small coastal town is the epitome of laid-back beach vibes, making it an ideal destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Perfect Waves for Learning

One of Sayulita’s primary draws for novice surfers is its gentle and consistent waves. The beach breaks here offer long, mellow rides, providing an excellent canvas for beginners to learn the art of riding the waves. Whether you’re brand new to surfing or looking to improve your skills, Sayulita’s waves have got you covered.

Beach Breaks and Beyond

Sayulita Beach Break

The heart of Sayulita’s surf scene lies at Sayulita Beach, where beginners can catch their first waves with ease. The sandy bottom and forgiving waves make it an ideal spot to find your surf legs. Numerous surf schools and rental shops line the shore, ready to help you get started on your surfing journey.

Beyond Sayulita

While Sayulita Beach is the go-to spot for beginners, more experienced surfers can explore nearby breaks like Playa de los Muertos and La Lancha. These spots offer a bit more challenge with faster waves, providing an opportunity to progress your skills.

Yantara Retreat: A Luxurious Surf and Yoga Experience

Yantara Retreat Overview

For those seeking a holistic surf experience, Yantara Retreat is a shining gem in Sayulita’s crown. This luxurious retreat offers a blend of world-class surfing and rejuvenating yoga in a serene tropical setting. It’s the perfect haven for surfers looking to nurture their mind, body, and soul.

Activities at Yantara Retreat

Yantara Retreat offers a diverse range of activities to complement your surf sessions. From sunrise yoga on the beach to meditation sessions under swaying palm trees, this retreat is designed to elevate your overall well-being.

Why Yantara Retreat is Ideal for Solo Female Travelers

Yantara Retreat is not only a place for surf and yoga but also a community that embraces solo female travelers. The supportive environment and female-focused activities make it a safe and empowering choice for women looking to embark on a solo surf adventure.

Selina Sayulita: The Surf-Lifestyle Hub

Selina Sayulita Experience

Selina Sayulita is more than just accommodation; it’s a surf-lifestyle hub. With a vibrant social scene, co-working spaces, and live music events, Selina creates an atmosphere that fosters connections among like-minded travelers.

Accommodation and Amenities

Selina offers a variety of accommodation options, from dorm-style rooms to private suites. Their surf-inspired decor and cozy common areas provide the perfect backdrop for swapping surf stories with fellow guests.

In Sayulita, where surf dreams begin and a supportive community awaits, your Mexican surf adventure is off to a fantastic start. Whether you choose the tranquility of Yantara Retreat or the vibrant atmosphere of Selina Sayulita, the waves of Sayulita are ready to welcome you.


Chapter 4. Puerto Escondido: The Surf Capital

Puerto Escondido – Where Legends Are Born

When it comes to legendary surf destinations in Mexico, Puerto Escondido stands out as an unrivaled paradise for wave riders. In this chapter, we dive into the thrilling world of Puerto Escondido, exploring why it’s hailed as the surf capital and what makes it a must-visit for surf enthusiasts.

A Glimpse into Puerto Escondido

Where Legends Are Born

Puerto Escondido, often lovingly referred to as the “Mexican Pipeline,” is renowned for its monstrous waves that can reach up to 20 feet or more during peak swells. This surf haven has earned its place in the annals of surfing history as a proving ground for the most daring wave riders.

Surfing Opportunities for Every Level

Despite its reputation for monstrous waves, Puerto Escondido offers something for surfers of all levels. While seasoned professionals take on the challenge of the famous Zicatela Beach breaks, beginners can find gentler waves at nearby beaches like Carrizalillo, perfect for learning and improving their skills.

Barbarenas: Embrace the Surf-Yoga Lifestyle

Barbarenas Overview

Barbarenas, located on the shores of Puerto Escondido, is the epitome of the surf-yoga lifestyle. This tranquil oasis offers a blend of world-class surfing and rejuvenating yoga in a setting that allows you to reconnect with nature and your inner self.

Yoga, Surfing, and Chilled Vibes

At Barbarenas, yoga and surfing go hand in hand. The retreat offers daily yoga sessions that help surfers enhance their flexibility, balance, and mindfulness—essential qualities for riding the challenging waves of Puerto Escondido. After a day of thrilling surf, unwind with fellow travelers and enjoy the chilled vibes at the retreat.

Oasis Surf House: Elevate Your Surfing Skills

Oasis Surf House Experience

If you’re looking to take your surfing skills to the next level, Oasis Surf House has you covered. This surf camp focuses on the technical aspects of surfing, helping intermediate and advanced surfers refine their techniques and take on the powerful waves of Puerto Escondido.

The Technical Development Emphasis

Oasis Surf House’s experienced instructors provide personalized coaching to help surfers master their craft. Whether it’s perfecting your bottom turn, learning to ride barrels, or tackling larger waves, the emphasis here is on technical development.

In Puerto Escondido, where legends are born and waves are both thrilling and challenging, you’ll find the perfect blend of excitement and serenity. Whether you’re seeking the surf-yoga lifestyle at Barbarenas or aiming to elevate your surfing skills at Oasis Surf House, Puerto Escondido offers an unforgettable surf experience that will leave you craving more.


Chapter 5. Cabo: The Ultimate Surf-Holiday Combo

Cabo – Sun, Surf, and Parties

Cabo, short for Cabo San Lucas, is more than just a Mexican paradise for sun-seekers. In this chapter, we explore Cabo’s unique blend of sun, surf, and parties, making it the ultimate destination for a surf-holiday combo.

The Cabo Vibe

Sun, Surf, and Parties

Cabo’s reputation as a party destination often precedes it, but this vibrant town offers much more. Alongside its lively nightlife and beach parties, Cabo is home to some fantastic surf spots that cater to surfers of all levels.

Surfing Adventures in Cabo

Something for Everyone

Cabo boasts a variety of surf breaks that suit both beginners and seasoned surfers. Whether you’re catching your first wave or seeking exhilarating barrels, Cabo has the waves you crave.

Cabo Surf Hotel: Luxury by the Waves

Cabo Surf Hotel Overview

Nestled on the stunning Acapulquito Beach, Cabo Surf Hotel is a haven for surf enthusiasts seeking a touch of luxury. This boutique hotel not only provides easy access to great waves but also ensures you enjoy the finer side of life.

Amenities and Entertainment

Apart from its prime surf location, Cabo Surf Hotel offers an array of amenities, from spa treatments to exquisite dining experiences. After a day of surf, relax and indulge in the comforts of this beachfront gem.

The Riptide Surf Hostel Cabo: Flexibility and Fun

The Riptide Surf Hostel Cabo Experience

For those looking for a more budget-friendly and social surf experience, The Riptide Surf Hostel Cabo has it all. This hostel offers a laid-back atmosphere where you can make new friends and embrace the surfing culture.

A Flexible Surf Holiday

The Riptide Surf Hostel Cabo encourages flexibility. Stay for a few days or extend your trip; the choice is yours. The hostel’s communal areas and group activities make it easy to connect with fellow travelers and plan surf adventures together.


FAQ: What’s the Best Time to Visit Cabo for Surfing?

Before packing your bags for Cabo, it’s essential to know when to catch the best waves. We answer this question and provide insights into the ideal surf conditions for an unforgettable surfing experience in Cabo.

Cabo offers a unique fusion of surf, sunshine, and nightlife that few destinations can match. Whether you prefer the luxury of Cabo Surf Hotel or the social atmosphere of The Riptide Surf Hostel Cabo, you’re sure to find the perfect wave and the ultimate holiday combo in this sun-soaked paradise.

Chapter 6. Troncones: The Undiscovered Gem

Troncones – Mexico’s Hidden Surfing Treasure

In the world of surfing, there are places that remain hidden gems, waiting to be discovered by those seeking the perfect wave and a serene escape. Troncones, a quaint coastal village in Mexico, is precisely that—a hidden surfing treasure that offers uncrowded waves and a tranquil atmosphere. In this chapter, we delve into what makes Troncones a must-visit destination for surfers looking to explore the uncharted waters of Mexico.

Surfers’ Paradise: Troncones’ Uncrowded Waves

A Serene Surfing Haven

Troncones stands out for its pristine beaches and waves that have yet to be overrun by crowds. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced surfer, you’ll find the perfect wave here without the hustle and bustle often associated with more popular surf spots.

Troncones Point Hostel: The Go-To Surf Haven

Troncones Point Hostel Overview

Nestled near Troncones Point, this hostel offers surfers easy access to some of the area’s best waves. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere makes it an ideal base for exploring the uncrowded surf breaks that Troncones has to offer.

Surfing Adventures and Accommodation

At Troncones Point Hostel, you can expect comfortable accommodations and a communal vibe that encourages interaction with fellow surf enthusiasts. Whether you’re traveling solo or with friends, this hostel provides the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation.

FAQ: Is Troncones Suitable for Advanced Surfers?

We answer one of the most common questions: Is Troncones suitable for advanced surfers? Discover why Troncones isn’t just a paradise for beginners but also offers exciting challenges for those with more experience on the waves.

Troncones remains one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets in the surfing world. With its uncrowded waves, tranquil atmosphere, and the inviting Troncones Point Hostel, it’s an ideal destination for surfers seeking a unique and unforgettable experience in 2024.

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Chapter 7. Conclusion

Choose Your Mexican Surf Adventure

As we conclude this comprehensive guide to surfing in Mexico in 2024, you’ve embarked on a journey through the diverse and thrilling world of Mexican surfing. From the enchanting waves of Sayulita to the legendary breaks of Puerto Escondido, and the hidden paradise of Troncones, Mexico offers an array of surf experiences to suit every level and taste.

Embrace the Waves: Surfing in Mexico in 2024

As you plan your Mexican surf adventure, keep in mind the following key takeaways:

1. Explore Mexico’s Rich Surfing Heritage

Mexico’s surfing history is deep and colorful. Before hitting the waves, take a moment to appreciate the heritage and traditions that have shaped the country’s surf culture.

2. Discover Diverse Mexican Coastlines

From the rugged beauty of Baja California to the lush beaches of Oaxaca, Mexico’s coastlines are a tapestry of surf spots waiting to be explored. Each region offers its unique charm and surf conditions.

3. Choose Your Ideal Surf Camp

Whether you’re a beginner looking to catch your first wave or an advanced surfer seeking new challenges, there’s a surf camp in Mexico that’s perfect for you. Consider your skill level, accommodation preferences, and the kind of experience you desire when making your choice.

4. Plan According to the Seasons

Mexico’s surf conditions vary throughout the year. Research the best time to visit based on your skill level and wave preferences. Whether you prefer big swells or mellow breaks, there’s a perfect season for you.

5. Embrace the Local Culture

Surfing in Mexico isn’t just about the waves; it’s also about immersing yourself in the rich local culture. Try the delicious cuisine, explore nearby towns, and engage with the welcoming Mexican community.

6. Safety First

Always prioritize safety when surfing in Mexico. Be aware of local hazards, respect the ocean, and consider taking lessons or hiring a local guide, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area.

Now, armed with the knowledge from this guide, it’s time to choose your Mexican surf adventure. Whether you’re riding your first wave or seeking to conquer new challenges, Mexico’s coastlines beckon with unforgettable experiences. So wax up your board, embrace the waves, and make 2024 the year you surf Mexico’s beautiful shores.

Safe travels and incredible surfing in Mexico!

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Best Months For Surfing in Mexico

  • May to September: This is the wet season in Mexico, but it is also the time when the waves are the best. The Pacific coast is known for its long, consistent swells, while the Caribbean coast offers more playful waves.
  • October to April: This is the dry season in Mexico, and the waves are still good, but not as consistent as in the wet season. The Pacific coast is still a good option, but the Caribbean coast can be a bit flat.

Here are some of the best places to surf in Mexico, according to the month:

  • Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca: This is a world-renowned surfing destination that offers waves for all levels. The best time to surf in Puerto Escondido is from November to April, when the waves are consistent and powerful.
  • Sayulita, Nayarit: This is a popular spot for beginners and intermediate surfers. The waves are smaller than in Puerto Escondido, but they are also more consistent. The best time to surf in Sayulita is from May to September.
  • La Paz, Baja California Sur: This is a great place to surf year-round. The waves are not as big as in other parts of Mexico, but they are still fun and challenging. La Paz is also a great place to see whales and dolphins.
  • Mazatlán, Sinaloa: This is a popular spot for experienced surfers. The waves can get quite big, but there are also some smaller waves for beginners. The best time to surf in Mazatlán is from November to April.

Surfing in Every Month of the Year in Mexico

  • January: The weather is mild and sunny in most parts of Mexico, with average temperatures ranging from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius (77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit). The waves are good in the Pacific coast, especially in places like Puerto Escondido and Sayulita. However, the Caribbean coast can be a bit flat during this time.
  • February: The weather is still good in February, with slightly warmer temperatures. The waves are also good, and this is a popular time for surfing competitions.
  • March: The weather starts to get warmer in March, with average temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit). The waves are still good, but the crowds start to pick up.
  • April: This is the beginning of the dry season in Mexico, and the weather is hot and sunny. The waves are still good, but they can be a bit inconsistent.
  • May: The dry season is in full swing in May, and the weather is very hot. The waves are good, but the humidity can make it feel muggy.
  • June: The weather is still hot and humid in June, and the waves are good. This is a popular time for surfing competitions.
  • July: The weather is at its hottest in July, with average temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit). The waves are still good, but the humidity can be oppressive.
  • August: The weather is still hot and humid in August, but the crowds start to thin out. The waves are still good, but they can be a bit inconsistent.
  • September: The weather starts to cool down in September, with average temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit). The waves are still good, and this is a good time to avoid the crowds.
  • October: The weather is perfect for surfing in October, with warm temperatures and sunny skies. The waves are good, and the crowds are still relatively small.
  • November: The rainy season starts in November, but the waves are still good. This is a good time to catch some of the last good waves of the year.
  • December: The weather is wet and rainy in December, but the waves can still be good. This is a good time to find some empty waves if you are willing to brave the rain.

No matter what time of year you choose to go surfing in Mexico, you are sure to have a great time. Just be sure to dress appropriately for the weather and bring all the necessary gear.

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Pro Tips for Surfing in Mexico

  • Check the surf report before you go. This will give you an idea of the conditions and what to expect.
  • Take lessons from a qualified instructor if you are a beginner.
  • Be aware of the tides and currents.
  • Be respectful of the local wildlife.
  • Have fun and enjoy the experience!

F.A.Q. Mexico Surf Holidays

Question 1.

Q.: What are the top surf camps in Mexico for 2024?

A.: In 2024, Mexico boasts a variety of top surf camps. Some of the standout options include Yantara Retreat in Sayulita, Barbarenas in Puerto Escondido, Cabo Surf Hotel in Baja, Selina Sayulita, Troncones Point Hostel, Oasis Surf House in Puerto Escondido, and The Riptide Surf Hostel Cabo in San José del Cabo, Baja.

Question 2.

Q.: Why is Mexico a great destination for surf holidays?

A.: Mexico is a fantastic destination for surf holidays due to its extensive coastline along the Pacific Ocean, offering a wide range of surf conditions for all levels of surfers. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced surfer, Mexico has breaks that suit your skills. Additionally, the country’s rich surf culture, warm climate, and vibrant local scene make it an appealing choice for surf enthusiasts.

Question 3.

Q.: What surf towns are popular in Mexico?

A.: Mexico has several popular surf towns that attract surfers from around the world. Some of these include:

  • Sayulita: Known for its beginner-friendly breaks and vibrant atmosphere.
  • Puerto Escondido: Famous for its massive beach barrels and surf capital of Oaxaca.
  • Cabo: Offers a unique blend of fantastic breaks, vibrant nightlife, and a variety of surf experiences.
  • Troncones: An upcoming surf town with uncrowded waves, perfect for those looking for a quieter surfing experience.

Question 4.

Q.: What types of activities are included in the Yantara Retreat surf camp package?

A.: The Yantara Retreat surf camp package offers a diverse range of activities. It includes five two-hour surf lessons with a pro, 11 separate yoga sessions in various disciplines, apnea breathing practice in the pool, SUP sessions at sunset, a hike up Monkey Mountain, and more. This package aims to nurture both body and soul, making it suitable for solo female travelers and beginner surfers looking to build a strong foundation.

Question 5.

Q.: Is the Oasis Surf House in Puerto Escondido suitable for surfers looking to improve their skills?

A.: Yes, the Oasis Surf House in Puerto Escondido is an excellent choice for surfers looking to improve their skills. They offer two-week packages with a strong emphasis on technical development. With in-house instructor Roger Ramirez, who has over 30 years of surf experience, you can expect to graduate from whitewash to green waves and build solid foundations for your surfing. The package includes 10 separate surf lessons, regular surf theory tutorials, and fitness programs to enhance your core strength and flexibility.

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Wetsuit Changing Mat ‘IslandMat’ Surf Mat & Wetsuit Bag CompactFolding 2 IN 1 Design – WATERPROOF 5000X TECHNOLOGY Prevents Water Leaking Inside Your Car & Keep You & Your Surfing Accessories Clean
  • THE ONLY Surf Changing Mat with 5000X WATERPROOF TECHNOLOGY – IslandMat using an incredibly durable, lightweight, long-lasting and waterproof material that will keep your car away from your wet gear. With a 32” diameter plus 4” height, you can easily carry your wetsuit, changing poncho/towel and more surfing equipment.
  • THE BEST Beach Change Mat for SURFING, PADDLE BOARDING, KITE SURFING, DIVING, BIKING, SNOWBOARDING and MORE. Can carry 2-3 wetsuits or 1 wetsuit, 1 surf poncho and more surf accessories/paddle board accessories/kite surf equipment/scuba diving accessories altogether.
  • CompactFolding 2 IN 1 Design – THE MOST COMPACT wetsuit changing mat on the planet! Say goodbye to carrying several bags to the beach, and hello to easy carrying surf mat & surf bag thanks to CompactFolding 2 IN 1 Design. With soft handles, shoulder strap & large pocket, you’ll experience much easier driving to your surfing session.
  • DON’T NEGLECT YOUR CAR, TREAT IT WITH RESPECT: IT’S NOT WORTH ruining your car seat just because of your wet surf gear. Using a plastic bag might sound protective enough, but it’s not. Once you forget it for too long, it will wet & stain your car. With IslandMat you’ll drive with calm and keep your car dry & clean.
  • THE LAST SURFING MAT YOU’LL EVER NEED, LIFETIME Guaranteed: While most surf changing mats wears out quickly, forcing you to buy all over again, our surfing mat is ENGINEERED from the STURDIEST MATERIALS w/ WATERPROOF 5000X TECHNOLOGY – so it’s guaranteed to last you a lifetime, or we’ll replace it hassle-free at no charge to you!
Bestseller No. 3
Surfing Surfboard Vintage Classic Retro Surfboarder Surfer T-Shirt
  • Surfing is your passion, you are a real beach boy or beach girl? Then you love crushing into waves.
  • Makes a great surprise for any surfer.
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem
Bestseller No. 4
SUN CUBE Surf Poncho Changing Robe with Hood, Thick Quick Dry Microfiber Wetsuit Changing Towel for Surfing Beach Swim Outdoor Sports Men, Absorbent Wearable Towel Cover Up with Pocket, Navy Blue
  • SURF PONCHO CHANGING ROBE SURFING: Made of 100% microfiber polyester, surf poncho towel is made for changing out of wetsuits, swimsuits, and swim wear at the beach or pool. Designed for surfers, watersports, and camping this towel robe wrap is fully absorbent and quick dry. Soft towel poncho robe doubles as a fully absorbent towel hoodie cover up robe for drying off after surfing or swimming, keeping you cozy, warm, and dry. Wearable robe towel features a large hood and front pocket to keep.
  • WEARABLE TOWEL PONCHO: Surf towel robe for men women has a comfortable oversized hood for sun, rain, and wind protection. Microfiber hoodie dryrobe helps secure the poncho while keeping your hands free for changing without risk of dropping clothes. Beach changing robe is also great as a swim hooded towel or cover up robe/shirt/dress/wrap after swimming at the pool. Wearable towel features a large kangaroo pocket for cell phone, wallet, keys, and other essentials.
  • PERSONAL WETSUIT CHANGING ROOM: Ideal for discreet modest changing robe in public while keeping you warm from the wind, cold weather, or dampness. Hooded beach towels for adults feature wide armholes and bottom opening for ease of movement while changing. Adjustable buttons at sleeve openings offer flexibility and full coverage. Change anywhere, portable changing room is best for surfing, beach, swimming. watersports, camping, lake, river, travel, and outdoor outfit changes.
  • SURF TOWEL ROBE WITH HOOD & POCKET: Wearable towel poncho is versatile and can be used as a beach coverup or a warm pullover hoodie. Great for home as a bath towel robe with hood, towel dress for women, outdoors, or camping. Large comfy hood helps to shade from the sun and keep your wetsuit, suits, and clothes sand free and dry. Surf poncho for adults is an essential gift idea for surfers, swimmers, triathletes, gym, and beach lovers. Surf towel robe for beach is a must have surfing accessory.
  • HOODED TOWEL ADULTS MEN WOMEN: Unisex and ONE SIZE fits most men, women, surfers, adults, and teenagers. Length measures 44 Inches from shoulder to bottom. Machine wash, tumble dry low. Absorbent microfiber polyester is quick dry featuring a sewn in handle in the back for easy carrying and hanging to dry. Poncho hooded towel robe is lightweight, foldable, and compact for travel. Navy blue surf towel robe for beach is a must have surfing accessory and a great cover up towel robe for men/women.
Bestseller No. 5
Surf Better — Complete Surfing Program
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Rearwin, Dave (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 221 Pages – 12/19/2013 (Publication Date)
Bestseller No. 6
Surfing: A Beginner’s Guide (Beginner’s Guides)
  • Alderson, Alf (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 104 Pages – 05/17/2018 (Publication Date) – Fernhurst Books (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 7
Surf Stickers for Teens Girls Boys Surfing Laptop Stickers for Water Bottles Surfboard Waterproof Vinyl Stickers Surfer Stickers Pack 50Pcs”
  • ⚡Surf Stickers-Safe and Non-toxic,Waterproof Snow protection and Anti-sun,Glossy and Bright,Thick and Durable.Indoors and Outdoors use.Easy to stick repeatedly or peel it off and there won’t be any residues.
  • ⚡Stickers for teens-Size:Around 2-3.5 inch each.You would receive the patterns you see in the pictures.No random delivery and no duplicates.
  • ⚡Water bottle stickers as Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas New Years birthday gifts for teens boys girls kids.Surf stickers decoration supplies for family to stay at home and outdoor.Perfect personalized DIY the thank you cards,invitation letter envelope and christmas wrapping paper.
  • ⚡Surfing Stickers as party favors,baby shower,room decor and school supplies.Surf party party game and carnival rewards,candies and cookies bags fillers,trendy add-on gifts.Adding them into the goodie bags,halloween treat bags,gift tags,christmas stockings,christmas tree elk socks are very funny.
  • ⚡Surf Stickers decoration for Water Bottle,Hydro Flask,Tumbler,Laptop,Computer,Tablet,Phone Case,Headphones,Charger,Bluetooth Speakers,Notebook,Scrapbook,Bullet Journal,Binders,Luggage,Skateboard,Helmet,Bumper,Car,Bike,Motorcycle,Refrigerator,Desk and furniture ect.
Bestseller No. 8
Siestas & Olas – A Surfing Journey Through Mexico
  • Tom Wegener, Joel Tudor, Josh Farberow (Actors)
  • Dan Wozniak (Director)
  • Audience Rating: G (General Audience)
SaleBestseller No. 9
Mindfulness and Surfing: Reflections for Saltwater Souls
  • Hardcover Book
  • Bleakley, Sam (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 144 Pages – 03/02/2017 (Publication Date) – Leaping Hare Press (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 10
Daci Women Grey Black Rash Guard Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit Zipper Surfing Bathing Suit UPF 50 M
  • One Piece Women Rush Guard: It is designed with zipper on the chest for easy opening and closure. Built in bra offers you enough support yet.
  • Long Sleeve Swimsuit: Sleek one piece design with black and grey, making you stylish and charming while swimming, surfing, diving, wakeboarding, stand up paddle and water yoga.
  • UPF 50+: Made of exclusive UV Block fabric with UPF 50+, protecting you against rashes, abrasions and harmful UV rays.
  • Comfortable Material Bathing Suit: Soft, quick-dry and breathable durable fabric offers tighter fit while you enjoy your time on the beach.
  • Multiple US Size to Choose: XXS(US 00), XS(US 0-2), S(US 4-6), M(US 8-10), L(US 12-14), XL(US 16), XXL(US 18), 18W(US 18W), 20W(US 20W), 22W(US 22W), 24W(US 24W). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.