Drinking Age in Mexico

Understanding the Legal Drinking Age in Mexico

When it comes to traveling abroad, many people are curious about the local laws and customs of the destination they plan to visit. One common question for travelers is, “What is the legal drinking age?” If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, you might be wondering about the legal drinking age in this vibrant and culturally rich country. In this article, we will explore the legal drinking age in Mexico, the reasons behind it, and what you need to know to enjoy your time responsibly.

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Legal Drinking Age in Mexico

The legal drinking age in Mexico is set at 18 years old, and this regulation applies across the entire country. Unlike some countries where the legal drinking age may vary from one region to another, Mexico maintains a consistent age limit for purchasing and consuming alcoholic beverages.

This means that if you’re visiting Mexico from a country with a higher drinking age, such as the United States where the legal drinking age is 21, you will find that you can legally enjoy alcoholic beverages in Mexico even if you’re not old enough to do so back home.

Cultural Differences

Understanding the legal drinking age is just one aspect of responsible travel. It’s also essential to respect the cultural differences related to alcohol consumption when visiting Mexico. While the legal age may be 18, there are additional nuances to consider:

1. Family and Parents

In Mexico, it is culturally acceptable for parents to introduce their children to alcohol at a younger age, usually in a family setting. This practice aims to demystify alcohol and teach responsible consumption from an early age. However, when it comes to purchasing alcohol independently, the legal drinking age remains 18.

2. Resorts and Hotels

When staying at resorts or hotels in Mexico, you may encounter variations in enforcing the legal drinking age. Some establishments may allow guests under 18 to consume alcohol, while others strictly adhere to the age limit. If you are under 18, it’s best to inquire about the specific policies of your accommodation.

3. Bracelets

In certain resorts and hotels, they use colored bracelets to identify guests who are of legal drinking age. These bracelets can help staff and other guests easily recognize who is permitted to consume alcohol on the premises.

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Legal Drinking Age in the United States vs. Mexico

A significant point of interest for travelers is the difference in drinking ages between the United States and Mexico. In the United States, you must be 21 years old to purchase and consume alcohol legally. This is three years higher than Mexico’s legal drinking age of 18.

For many young adults traveling from the U.S. to Mexico, this can be a unique experience. It’s essential to be aware of these differences and to drink responsibly, even if you meet the legal requirements of your destination.

Proof of Age

When purchasing alcohol in Mexico, it’s common for establishments to ask for proof of age, especially when you look particularly young. A valid photo identification document, such as a passport or a driver’s license, is typically accepted as proof of age. Carrying such identification can help ensure that you can enjoy alcoholic beverages without any issues.


Understanding the legal drinking age in Mexico is a crucial aspect of responsible travel. Mexico’s legal drinking age of 18 allows many young adults to enjoy alcoholic beverages during their visit. However, it’s essential to respect local customs and policies, especially when staying at resorts or hotels.

By being aware of the legal drinking age and cultural differences related to alcohol consumption, you can have an enjoyable and responsible experience while exploring the beautiful country of Mexico. Remember to drink responsibly and make the most of your trip while respecting local laws and customs. Cheers to a fantastic Mexican adventure!

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