Mexican Flan Recipe: A Delicious Mexican Dessert

Wondering Where You Can Find a Mexican Flan Recipe?

Mexican Flan is a delicious dessert that is popular in Mexico and other Latin American countries. It is made with eggs, sugar, and evaporated milk, and it has a creamy texture and a sweet caramel flavor. In this blog post, we will teach you how to make this delicious dessert at home!

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-Caramel sauce (optional)

-Evaporated milk (or heavy cream for richer texture)

-Sugar, white granulated sugar or brown sugar to taste – varies from person preference on how sweet they like their flan. Use less if making healthy version with stevia instead of regular table sugar!

Optional Extra Flavors For Mexican Flan Recipe?

If using dark colored raw honey then omit sugar altogether as it will make everything darker in color and change overall flavor profile dramatically with its strong molasses content when cooked into something like this recipe requires at high temperatures which caramelizes sugars naturally found inside honeys such being heated up during cooking process until golden brown color appears on surface area where heat source has been applied directly onto liquid’s surface – creating what we know today as “caramelization.”

Vanilla Extract or Vanilla Beans can be added to the milk and eggs for additional flavoring. It is not necessary but will enhance flavor profile if desired by cook who wishes would add their own personal touch recipe as well!

You could also try using other spices like cinnamon powder (or even fresh ground nutmeg) before pouring mixture into baking dish so that they infuse throughout entire dessert while cooking process occurs at high temperatures over time effectively removing excess moisture buildup along walls surfaces which causes uneven heat distribution when it comes down to baking certain items – like Mexican Flan or custard desserts for example.


To make Mexican Flan, start by boiling some water and adding sugar to it. Then, whisk the mixture until it turns into caramel sauce. Next, pour the caramel sauce into a baking dish for later use (this step is optional).

After that, mix together eggs with evaporated milk in another bowl before pouring them over top of your prepared pan (you can also add other ingredients like vanilla extract or cinnamon powder if desired).

Finally bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180C) for approximately 30 minutes until firm but still jiggly when shaken gently from side-to-side!

Make sure not to overcook as this will cause cracking on surface which may result in dryness inside – so keep an eye out while cooking time goes by. You’ll know if it’s done by checking with a toothpick inserted into center comes out clean or doughy (but still moist).

Once Mexican Flan is finished baking, allow it to cool slightly on countertop before transferring to fridge or freezer. Once chilled, use a knife around edges of dish and invert onto serving plate – ta-da! You now have beautiful Mexican Flan that’s perfect for any occasion. Enjoy!

Whats The Difference Between Creme Brule and Mexican Flan?

The differences between flan and creme Brulee are quite noticeable. Flan is a custard dessert that is made with sugar, eggs, and evaporated milk, while creme brulee is made with heavy cream, sugar, and egg yolks.

Flan is typically baked in a baking dish while creme brulee is cooked in a ramekin.

And finally, the most obvious difference – flan has a caramel sauce on the bottom while creme brulee does not.

Where Can I Buy Mexican Flan Ingredients?

Flan ingredients can be found in most grocery stores or Latin American specialty markets. Amazon also carries the ingredients, Order Here With Discount Creme brulee is typically a little harder to find, but can be found at most gourmet grocery stores. Both dessert items are usually served cold with a garnish of fresh fruit or berries.


So there you have it – Mexican flan! This delicious and versatile dessert can be made in many different ways, using various ingredients to fit your own personal taste.

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