Best Security System For Vacation Property In Mexico?

What Options Do You Have - Best Security System For Vacation Property In Mexico?

Having the best security system in vacation property in Mexico is a must for most property owners in Mexico. Nobody wants to deal with breakins while on vacation so we show you below the best security options for your vacation property.

Protecting your vacation home or apartment is a top priority for many vacation owners in Mexico. While you are on vacation or you are away you want to know that your property is properly secured. So what are your options?

Mexico is a beautiful and Grande country with a lot of good reasons to take a holiday there. Great weather, white sandy beaches, delicious food and warm friendly locals. Unfortunately, there is crime in Mexico as well. Homicides are a problem there but are mostly kept between the drug cartels and gangs and usually are not seen in the tourist areas. Petty crime like robberies and pickpocketing is more widespread and its for this reason you might consider having a security system in your vacation home.

There are local security companies like Mexico Security that offer full time monitoring using First Alert and Honeywell Security products. These services also charge a monthly monitoring fee and sometimes an installation fee. We will discuss the different options for full time monitoring below.

There is also many DIY options available online now using WIFI, 4G or POE signal. There is some major cost savings installing a DIY system, but which security system is best for you?

There is also many things you can do to make your vacation home less of a target with some simple housekeeping ideas like:

  • Home warning signs
  • Automatic light timers or smart homes
  • Hire someone to maintain lawn, flowers or garden if you have one
  • Have your neighbor collect your mail
  • Use your home for short term rental
  • Have security cameras visible in windows
  • Install window locks
  • Upgrade doors
  • Keep safes and valuables out of sight
  • Don't leave spare keys hidden outside when away
  • setting up a POE security camera

Most security experts say that home security is a numbers game. Add visible security items to your home so would be thieves go to the neighbor's house that don't have visible security items. Thieves are nothing more than opportunists, don't make your vacation home an easy target for them.


What Security System Is Best For You?

Home security systems vary from simple doorbell video cameras, and smart locks to complex systems with motion sensors, sirens, video cameras, night vision, recording equipment and monitoring.

Let's look at the simpler options first and work our way up to more complex security systems. Some simpler vacation home security options are video doorbells and Smart locks.

Video doorbells can give you a lot of security knowing you can see the person outside before you open the door. This concept was made popular by RING ($250) which is still a good base for any security system. They are inexpensive to buy, very simple to install and can be accessed from anywhere with your phone. They can be ordered from Amazon here and you can have it delivered to you anywhere in Mexico. Ezviz DB1C Wifi ($80) and Wyze Video($55) are also a very good budget option for a video doorbell.

What are some pros and cons of having a video doorbell?


  • affordable
  • easy to install
  • access from phone


  • limited to doors
  • can be covered

Check prices of video doorbells on Amazon here

Best Smart Lock for Airbnb & Vacation Rentals

If you are looking for better door security that allows you to remotely allow access to your visitors, then a Smart lock is something you should add to your access door. Installing a Smart lock is affordable and can be installed easily. If you are not comfortable installing yourself, have a qualified professional install the Smart lock for you.

Some Smart locks can also integrate with the Airbnb app allowing even easier control of allowing your guests in and out. Schlage Connect Touchscreen and August Smart Lock Pro are the outstanding locks in this category.

man installing door with smart lock

Best DIY Security System

Next we have the DIY security system that can save you thousands of dollars compared to having a complete ADT or Vivint security system installed. The other advantage is you can sign up for optional monitoring service which you can cancel at any time without any extra fees and early termination costs.

There are three DIY systems that rated better than others and they are Wyze Home Monitoring, Simplisafe Home Security and RING Alarm Pro. Let's discuss the pros and cons of each with a full review of each system below.

RING Alarm Pro - Best overall


  • Secure router
  • Cellular powered backup
  • Smart home integration


  • privacy policy

Simplisafe Home Security - Best basic DIY home security system


  • Solid performance
  • All the essentials
  • Smoke detector


  • Limited security

Wyze Home Monitoring - The best value DIY security system


    • Low cost
    • Essentials included


  • Limited security

You can check all the DIY security system prices on Amazon here and have them delivered to you in Mexico.

RING Alarm Pro Review

Ring Alarm Pro has set the DIY home security systems market on notice. It supplies everything you would expect from any other security system, but it has more features. With its advanced 6 Eero router with cellular phone backup WIFI in case of cut power, local processing, network security monitoring, and smart home integration. The entry system includes one z-wave extender, one motion sensor, four entry sensors and a keyboard all for $300. You can add extra items to the base system if needed. Real time alerts keep you updated, and you have remote monitoring with the cameras.

Simplisafe Home Security Review

Simplisafe was one of the first DIY home security systems to enter the market. It provides some advantages to full security systems like ADT and Vivant. Mostly it is its wide variety of features for a reasonable price ($200). Included with the base unit is several motion detectors, siren, smoke detector, glass break sensor, key fob and good performance for the value. Real time alerts are included, and you have real time remote monitoring with the cameras.

Wyze Home Monitoring Review

Wyze Home Monitoring delivers fantastic value in fully adequate system at rock bottom pricing. The base kit includes door/window sensors, base station with a built-in siren, keypad, and a motion detector ($80). If you order their monitoring service, you get the base unit for half price and can get extra cameras for $30 and sensors for $10. Wyze base unit does not come with power back up, however.

Optional Home Security Items

Fire Protection Systems

  • Automatic Fire Alarm Systems
  • Water Flow Systems
  • Manual Pull Stations
  • Fire System Inspections

Access Control

  • Bio-metric Technology
  • Magnetic Card Swipes
  • Proximity Key Tags
  • Proximity Card
  • ID Card Buttons

Surveillance Video Systems (CCTV)

  • Digital Video Recorders
  • Cameras, Day/Night, Infrared, HD Quality
  • Bullet Style, Eyeball, Mini-Domes, Covert Models
  • Security System Design
  • Off premises access to live or recorded events

Water Damage Control

  • FloodStop Automatic Shutoff Valves


Vacation home security systems should not be taken lightly and there are several low-cost security measures you can do with some simple housekeeping. Video doorbells and Smart locks are entry level security with DIY vacation home security systems an affordable option to full-service security companies. Add all of these to your vacation home security system strategy and you will lower your risk of break-ins today.

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Mexico Vacation Home Security Questions & Answers

Can Amazon Prime deliver a home security system to Mexico? Yes, it delivers to over 55 cities in Mexico. If your city is not on this list you can have a forwarding service like MyUS deliver it for you to anywhere in Mexico.

What are the best self installed security systems? Ring Alarm Pro, Simplisafe Home Security, Wyze Home Monitoring are some of the best reviewed in the industry.

Where to buy a Do It Yourself home security system in Mexico? Amazon sells them and can be sent anywhere in Mexico if you are using Prime. You will need to use a Mexican forwarding service if you don't live in a Prime delivery area. Otherwise search online for local security retailers.

Whats the best Airbnb home security system in Mexico? Schlage Connect Touchscreen and August Smart Lock Pro are top rated Smart Locks for Airbnb's.

Whats are some vacation home security tips? Our article above has a list of security tips that you can easily do to keep you property more secure.

security signs are part of best security system for a vacation property in mexico

What are some vacation home monitoring systems ? Ring Alarm Pro, Simplisafe Home Security, Wyze Home Monitoring are some of the better home monitoring systems available. Abode Iota, Frontpoint, Kangaroo and Ring Alarm, and Cove Security are other home monitoring worth considering.

Security Companies in Mexico

  • Cyberco Security Services
  • Eagle Eye Protective Services
  • Mexico Security
  • Vanderbilt Industries
  • Dahua Technology Ltd
  • Hikvision
  • HID Global
  • AMAG Technology, Inc.
  • ASSA ABLOY - Code Handle
  • Cyberco Security Services
  • ADT
  • Vivant
  • First Alert
  • Cyberco Security Services

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